Dovetail, Finger joint ,Rabbit, dado,Cabinet Drawer Box

I would go with a dovetail or finger joint. The problem is that the prefinished plywood I have used has the most splinter prone finish I have ever seen. I’d be very careful of tear out when using a dovetail or finger joint jig. A simpler option would be to dado off the finish and use a locked rabbet drawer
joint. This joint would have better splinter control on the prefinished faces. With modern glue and plywood I suspect they would be strong enough over the long haul too.

I’ve also made drawers using dowels.  The easy way is to use finish screws to glue and assemble the drawer.  After the glue sets, back out the screws and drill out a hole to fit your dowels.  Insert the dowel and trim.  Indent the dowels by squeezing them with a pair of pliers several times (except for the very top that has to fit neatly.  The indents will allow the glue to flow and the wood will expand with exposure to the moisture in the glue.

Butt joints and no clamps make this a fast way to build drawers.

I do have a dovetail jig but it only has  about 12″ capacity and the drawer will be wider.  I have plans for a finger joint jig, I should finally build.  My other option would be to trim off the UV coated surface where the joints occur and do a locked rabbet joint.

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