Dowel Drawers | Custom Dowel Drawer Manufacturer

Dowel Drawers | Custom Dowel Drawer Manufacturer

Custom dowel joinery is a common joint technique in drawer construction, used to reinforce a butt joint, where two pieces of wood fit together at the sides using wooden pins (dowels) that fit into corresponding pre-cut holes. Drawer Connection uses pre-glued dowels in the assembly process, maintaining the structural integrity of each drawer and ensuring that all dowels stay fastened securely. Doweled drawer construction is most commonly used to join the sides and front pieces of a drawer with no nails or screws showing through to mar the beauty of the drawer side.

Modern machine tools make dowel cuts easier and faster, for efficient manufacture and production of large orders with consistent precision. Drawer Connection uses materials such as melamines on particle board, as well as 9-ply baltic birch in their dowel joint drawer boxes. Drawer Connection can create dowel drawers for custom design specifications on large or small orders.

About Doweled Corners

  • Doweled corners offer a cost effective method to purchasing drawers
  • Easy inventory control
  • Fast assembly
  • Low cost materials
  • AWI Premium Grade
  • Manufactured with 6mm x 30mm hardwood pre-glued dowels

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