Eight shoe cabinet design style, even a small size, can also have a shoe cabinet

Eight shoe cabinet design style, even a small size, can also have a shoe cabinet

Everyone’s household is basically different, so the porch space is also different. Then the shoe cabinet should be customized according to the porch space or the entrance space. What style does the shoe cabinet have? Today, I will summarize the design styles of 8 shoe cabinets. Even a small size can have a shoe cabinet.

  1. Top-to-top design of shoe cabinet

Entrance space should be fully utilized, shoe cabinets should not be half-cut, it is recommended to top, so that the space above can be used, and when you really live, you will know that there are many things at home, more storage space is good.

  1. Shoe cabinet height design Some people have a window in the entrance hall of their home. It is impossible to make the whole face of the shoe cabinet. This kind of high-low design can be used so that the space under the window can also be used.
  2. Inserted shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinets can be designed according to the space in your home. If you happen to have a concave space or the wall is not a load-bearing wall, you can make an embedded shoe cabinet, which saves more space.

  1. Double shoe cabinet design home entrance porch location is relatively spacious, you can install two shoe cabinets, a large shoe cabinet and a small shoe cabinet, so that buy more shoes have room to put.
  2. Small shoe cabinet space is squeezed out, small household can customize a small shoe cabinet, to the top design, can also put a lot of shoes oh.
  3. Four-storey shoe cabinet design shoe cabinet at the bottom can reserve more than ten centimeters of space to place frequently replaced shoes or slippers, so that the shoe cabinet has a total of four storeys.
  4. A whole row of shoe cabinets with large size can be customized to a whole row of shoe cabinets, which looks very atmospheric.
  5. Shoe cabinets with footstools

When customizing the shoe cabinet, you can reserve a space for changing the footstool and thickening the laminate.

  1. Shoe cabinet with suspension area

Shoe cabinet can not only be released, but also hang clothes and bags. Just put a hook on it, so that when you enter the door, you can change shoes, put bags and hang coats. It’s much more convenient.

Above is my summary of eight shoe cabinet design, according to your home space to choose the style of shoe cabinet, I hope to help you.

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