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Why is the Cabinet Consultants so competitive?

We don’t have huge overhead, showroom, rent, advertising costs or a large staff.
WE ARE the manufacturers and the suppliers that produce for the companies you are already purchasing from.. but without a middleman.
With us you will realize the real cost of cabinets MADE IN ITALY, you will pay only the cost of the materials from the source and manufacturing costs.

Where are the cabinets manufactured?

Our facilities are all Italian, located in different regions of the BelPaese; based on the order, volume and time schedule we will select the best factory to work for your project.

Who will provide the Warranty?

The Italian manufacturers will offer their own warranty for the material purchased.
Depending on the materials selected by the client, the warranty will cover from 1 up to 10 years from the purchase date, replacing free of charge any part that might resulted as defective.

Who will manage and take responsability for the quality control?

Part of our service to you will be to keep you updated and inform you about your order status and production process.
We will send weekly emails with pictures and detailed information on your current production status.
We encourage you to join us and visit our manufacturers to feel and see the quality of our products during the production process.

Which materials will be used for the production of the cabinets?

The Cabinet Consultants use only materials produced and manufactured in the EU (European Union). All the materials allowed under the European Regulation will be available and could be used to produce our cabinets.
Cabinet parts might be produced, but not limited to, using PB (Particle Board), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or Plywood, produced either with recycled or virgin wood.
Solid Wood can be requested for doors and drawer fronts only.

Will the cabinets be formaldehyde free?

Formaldehyde is an integral part of the wood found in nature and as of today, no cabinet or component manufacture is able to produce wooden parts (either solid wood, MDF or particle board) extracting all the Formaldehyde present in the wooden fibers.

What is Formaldehyde Emission level in the material that will be sold?

Our Manufacturers must comply to the strict regulations and codes of the industry in Europe.
All the material produced, either with recycled or virgin wood, will be guaranteed not to have any added Urea-Formaldehyde; the standard and most common cabinets will be produced in E1 or Green Boards, low emission of Formaldehyde materials considered a minimum requirement by the European regulations.
Data sheets on our materials are available upon request.
E0 and CARB (California Air Resources Board) materials are also offered if requested with an added cost.
The Cabinet Consultants guarantee that all the materials sold will be produced and manufactured in the EU (European Union).

We offer every finish on the market today for the cabinet and furniture industry.
Below is a list of finishes and materials that we offer:
– High Quality Melamines;
– (TTV) Textured Technical Veneers ;
– Laminates, including the new Fenix© surfaces;
– Acrylic;
– Matte, High Gloss or any level of sheen for Lacquer of your choice, with or without texture;
– Quality Wood Veneer;
– ­Solid Wood;
– Stainless Steel;
– Glass.

How many cabinets can be produced per week/month?

We select our facilities based on your needs, up to 20,000 kitchens per month!
Don’t believe us? Come see it with your own eyes!

Is there a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

No MOQ, we will be happy to produce 1 cabinet or 100,000 cabinets based on your needs. Always keep in mind that the higher the volume, the lower the cost!

Will the cabinets be shipped Assembled or RTA (Ready To Assemble)/Flat Pack?

We will produce and ship the cabinets based on your needs: we can assemble them for you in Italy or send them Flat Pack, in a kit, Ready to Assemble.
We can also assemble only a few cabinet types, like drawer cabinets or cabinets with special mechanisms that would require we assemble for you.

Can I buy handles or other accessories from The Cabinet Consultants?

Absolutely. We offer a very wide range of handles, knobs and any other accessory you might be willing to use in your cabinets, from aluminum Sink Liners and Cutlery Trays to LED or Light Features offered by our partners.
Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you or let us suggest the best and latest features for your design, it’s part of our job!

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