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efore we began our manufacturing partnership, Celebration Saunas had installed over 1,000 far infrared saunas from most of the major manufacturers in the country. I knew that we could leverage that experience when we partnered with Golden Designs, Inc. to produce the most structurally sound, installation-friendly most efficient far infrared saunas available, and that’s what we set out to accomplish.

Coming from an installation background ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to spend countless hours trying to compensate for a sauna that is manufactured crooked or off level, or having concerns that the sauna could break from being built too thin.

We vowed that first and foremost, our saunas would be a pleasure to install. We made sure to use assembly systems that maintained the structural integrity of the sauna but could be put together without any tools

Sauna assembly systems are critical to the customer experience and assembly of the unit. All our saunas are produced on an assembly line and all components are interchangeable. The best way to install a Far Infrared sauna is without any tools. All Celebration Saunas use male/female self-locking wall guides.

Self Locking Wall Construction eliminates the most common far infrared sauna installation problems like uneven walls, unfinished wood appearing on the exterior of the sauna or finished stained wood appearing on the interior of the sauna.

Using a bolt & anchor construction you run the risk of scratching your sauna and using a magnet construction you run the risk of interference in medical devices such as pacemakers.

Buckle assembly is often chosen for its simplicity. Without tools you will secure the walls with floor guides and line up the walls, buckles will pull your saunas together and will give you a straight fit that won’t have any stain lines or raw wood visible on the exterior associated with a bolt assembly. Your sauna will allow for a perfect assembly every time without tools. Some critique the aesthetics of the buckles others like the character. One thing is for sure the buckle assembly is the easiest to both build and break down.

The locking assembly system uses sliding male and female guides between the interior and exterior walls. Similar to other locking assemblies, sauna walls easily click into place leaving a seamless and perfectly aligned fit. Locking assemblies also do not require tools and typically incorporate a buckle system at the rear of the sauna to create a more sturdy and aligned structure. The locking assembly allows for a clean sleek look so hardware appears invisible. Celebration Saunas uses both the buckle assembly and the locking assembly in all our sauna models.

Magnetic assembly systems. Celebration Saunas does not use or recommend this assembly because the strong magnets can interfere with the output of Pacemakers and Defibrillators. The risk is simply too high. Many people who purchase a sauna are looking to improve their heart health. If you are predisposed to a heart condition or have had a valve replaced or a pacemaker or defibrillator put in, steer clear of this assembly as it can interfere with the functioning of these devices. In reality, your sauna should last a lifetime, so choose the sauna that you will be able to use, be comfortable in and love looking at for the rest of your life.

Bolt & Anchor Assembly Systems: This is the only assembly system that requires tools. The bolt and anchor system requires that each screw on each wall must have equal pressure in order for the sauna to align properly. Like most saunas, the assembly takes minutes whereas these screws take forever to be properly aligned. I ended up circling the sauna to loosen and tighten screws for a perfect fit to eliminate stain lines inside the cabinet and raw wood that was visible on the exterior caused by cabinet misalignment. On my trip to each individual screw, I ended up scratching the wood a bit on the outside of the screw.

What Does Installation entail?
Installation of the sauna, once it has been received, is to simply unbox the panels of the sauna and stage them in the room where the sauna will go. When assembly begins, be sure to review the assembly manual or refer to our sauna assembly videos. You will always start by laying down the floor far enough away from the wall so you can move around the sauna. You will erect either the front wall or the back wall depending on the sauna model chosen and use male/ female guides to attach the side walls. Once the sauna cabinet is fully assembled, you will need to place the roof on top of the cabinet. Here you will pull existing power cords and control panel connections available at the top of the wall through the roof to connect to the power supply box. You will have 3 to 8 of these connections depending on the size sauna chosen. Similar connections will need to be made beneath the benches into the back wall. Once you have made the connections you can install the bench, plug in the sauna and begin checking sauna functioning.

Sauna Assembly Video Guides

We’ve always been motivated to give our clients a great experience, peace of mind, and an infrared sauna that stands the test of time. Because of our efforts to constantly produce new and better installation practices and because of our desire to share what we’ve learned with the world, we have become recognized as thought leaders in the industry, especially with regards to far infrared sauna manufacturing.

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