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The size of the sauna is important. It affects the appearance of your space and what other elements you can incorporate into the space. As you try to determine what size of sauna you want, the first thing you will want to do is determine what the sauna will be used for. Will it be used for long periods of time? Will there be more than one person using the sauna at any one time? Or, will someone be laying down in the sauna?

The next factor you have to consider is the shape and design of the sauna. Some people prefer corner saunas as they have the most bench space and are space-efficient taking only a corner of a room, while others prefer something linear. When determining the shape of the sauna, you have to take into account the size and shape of your room. Sometimes a corner or straight sauna works best in your space. If you want ample bench seating a larger corner sauna may make sense for you. Taking accurate measurements and using masking tape to measure out the floor dimensions and even sitting down in that space will give you a good idea of how your sauna fits in your room and also fits you. Its also important to consider the obstacles placing your sauna in its final location like short ceilings, hallways, & stairs. These considerations will narrow your choices to a size category of saunas: 1 Person Saunas, 2 Person Saunas, 3 Person Saunas, Corner Saunas, 4 Person Saunas, 6 Person Saunas, Commercial Saunas.

Important Note:
When choosing a size you must take into consideration that you will need to be able to walk around the sauna in order to assemble it.
All Saunas will require a minimum of 6 inches above the sauna to make the required electrical connections.

Once Assembled, the sauna can be pushed up against the wall and requires no ventilation. We do recommend that you leave access to the roof so the sauna can be easily serviced if repairs are required.

Sauna SIZE TIP: Some manufacturers of far infrared saunas do not accurately list their sauna sizes. Some saunas may be off by 6” or more. Be sure to acquire a copy of the sauna specs to find out exact measurements. You can find our sauna specs on each sauna design page here: www.celebrationsaunas.com/shop/. At celebration saunas, we never misrepresent the size of our saunas because we know how much planning goes into selecting the right sauna for your space.

Mistake #11 – Purchasing a sauna without knowing what Electrical requirement is needed to run your sauna.

It is not only important to consider the size of the sauna but the available electricity for sauna use. All our one and two-man saunas only need a standard household outlet and 15 Amp circuit. Although not required, we encourage you to dedicate a circuit to the sauna for optimal sauna operation. The power cord extends 9 feet from the power supply box located on the roof of the sauna to plug into a standard height outlet. Be sure that you can unplug your sauna. If you have the ability, I recommend putting the plug near the roof of the sauna for easy access.

If you are looking for a larger sauna, our three and four-person saunas require a dedicated 120v/20 Amp circuit. This means there will need to be enough space for a new breaker in the breaker box to accommodate the electricity required to operate the sauna.

Important Note:
The power cord extends 9 feet from the power supply box located on the roof of the sauna, above the door approximately 18 inches back from the roofline. If you are putting in a new outlet, it is recommended that you put the outlet near the roof of the sauna for easy access. This is, however, not required.

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