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The mistake of competitors is using cheap wiring configurations; that are not shielded and poorly insulated, as well as, thin gauge wires not designed to hold up to the electrical load the sauna will require. Light gauge wiring with thin insulation does not hold up well over time and you can expect to replace components that are overloaded. These new importers can also make the mistake of having an unenclosed central processing unit, power converters, junction blocks, and circuit board relays. Excess heat from unenclosed electrical components can dry out the wood. Open electronic components and a wood box quite frankly equal fire hazards.

“Manufacturing Safe saunas is at the heart of what we do. I am looking to see if electrical connections are up to ETL codes and standards for safety. Make sure all power supply heating panels pass all ETL standards and codes. To make our saunas safe we further reduce EMF levels through the use of proper UL certified gauge wiring with heavy-duty insulation, EMF shielding, and steel enclosed electrical components. How your sauna is wired directly affects the output of EMF. All our saunas come with UL-certified wiring and components. The lead power cord for our saunas is 16AWG UL certified with high-temperature resistance. Our Voltage is based on 120V 60Hz. The power deviation is +5%/-10% and more stable than our competitors. Higher wattage carbon heaters have a higher surface temperature to provide better heating performance at the defined 9.4-micron range. Therefore, we use the maximum number of 300W heaters in all of our sauna models. The more heaters in a sauna the less wattage you have to distribute to each heater. Fewer large 300-watt heaters vs. more 200 watt heaters provide more benefits when the available sauna wattage is the same”. David Cheng – Golden Designs, Inc.

A sauna is only as good as the component installed. And there are certainly many sauna importers who currently find themselves in the same situation I was in years ago with no control over the manufacturing process or the quality of their products.

Electrical Certifications are important when purchasing a sauna Laws require certification of electrical equipment for safety in many countries around the world and require that these certifications are found on every piece of electrical equipment. Electrical certification assures you that your sauna has been tested to meet safety and performance standards. Most of us don’t notice the safety icons on nearly all our electronics but without a safety agency listing, there is no proof that a product passes electrical and safety standards. So it is a good idea to look for them.

Although unlikely, the risk of buying a non-certified sauna still exists. The far infrared sauna industry is relatively small and new in the United States. New brands with inexperience in international business can make critical mistakes when directing manufacturers to make your sauna. These rookie mistakes can impact the quality and safety of your sauna. Knowing how long a company has been in business if they own the manufacturing facilities, and what electrical certifications they hold should be a consideration when deciding on which company to purchase your sauna from.

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