Far Infrared Sauna Room Selection Tips

Far Infrared Sauna Room Selection Tips

Far Infrared Sauna Room Selection Tips

About far-infrared sauna room, many friends are not clear about this knowledge.

I. What is Yuanhong Sauna Room

Far-red sauna room (hereinafter referred to as “light room”) is a kind of substitute of traditional sauna room – far-infrared sauna room. Far-infrared light-wave bath room combines the world’s popular low-temperature sweating technology, light massage technology and safe sunbathing technology, enjoys relaxed music while bathing, has a good health effect on human body, and is a substitute for traditional sauna. It integrates modern optics, electronics, traditional Chinese medicine and music therapy.

2. Far Infrared Emitter of Sauna Room

The mid-far infrared emitter of sauna room is a far infrared ceramic tube. It is the first far infrared emitter to enter the medical and health care industry. It has the advantages of high calorific value, fast heating speed and low price. There are two kinds of ceramic tubes, one is white quartz ceramic tube, the other is black pure ceramic tube. The far infrared wavelength emitted is 5-15 micron, which has strong penetration and radiation force. It has significant temperature control effect and resonance effect. It is easy to be absorbed and converted into internal energy of the object.

3. Structure of Yuanhong Sauna Room

The box body of Yuanhong sauna room is a double-layer solid wood hollow structure, and is framed with wooden keel, with solid wood boards on both sides. The advantages of this structure are as follows: 1. Reducing the stress of wood (and the tension caused by thermal expansion, and the tension caused by cold contraction) to prevent the deformation of the box. 2. Heat preservation and energy saving. The double-layer hollow structure effectively prevents the heat loss in the box, ensures the heating speed and saves electric energy.

4. Material of Yuanhong Sauna Room

The timber used extensively in Yuanhong Sauna House is now mainly divided into two types. 1. Medium-grade Canadian hemlock, scientific name: hemlock, hemlock is the most important economic forest belt wood, wood is superior to other hemlock, this kind of tree is harder in coniferous wood, is a higher strength species. It is the preferred wood for making traditional saunas and far-infrared saunas. The color of spring wood changes from white to light brown yellow. Summer wood usually has a light purple or reddish brown color. Heartwood has no difference. Black stripes are often seen in this wood. It is characterized by small stress, corrosion resistance, light weight, less scarring, black water lines mixed in the wood grain. The wood grain is usually clear straight line, broad in the front and fine in the shade. 2. Top-grade Korean cedar, also known as cedar, is light brown-red in color. The longer the growing years, the darker the color. Originated in the western United States and Canada, it is the highest grade preservative wood in North America. Red cedar is highly resistant to corrosion, derived from a naturally grown alcohols called Thujalicins; another acid called Thujic ensures that wood is not eroded by insects. Red cedar does not need anti-corrosion and pressure treatment, and is not invaded and corroded by insects, fungi and termites. It has excellent stability, long service life, non-deformation and no pollution to the environment. Even in particularly dry or humid environments, it can last 30 to 50 years and is a high-quality natural preservative wood. Red cedar is also the lightest commercial cork. Its sound insulation and heat insulation, as well as its advantages of easy transportation and installation are more outstanding. Use of red cedar: red cedar can also be used indoors, due to size stability, suitable for high humidity environment, sauna room and kitchen. Because of the delicate fragrance of cedar, the stronger the water is, it can inhibit fungi, fungi and other daily bacteria in the use process. ,

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