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Portable infrared saunas are a short-term investment for people who frequently travel and have already made infrared sauna part of their health regimen. These saunas are extremely portable and are often offered for $150 to $800 depending on the quality. You cannot purchase replacement heaters or components for these saunas and rarely do they have a warranty in excess of a year. They all use an older far infrared carbon technology that emits the entire bandwidth of far infrared light between 5 and 15 microns in equal parts but your body reflects all but 9.4 microns. Many of these sauna heaters lack the opposing EMF heater layer and lack the EMF shielding that contributes to their high EMF fields. Although you can experience some benefits from these saunas it is important to consider the materials they are made from and the toxins these saunas can outgas. Plastics, foam, polyester can all outgas when heat is applied. Many of these types of saunas do produce high EMF levels that are over 100mG in some areas. Due to the close proximity of the heaters and electronic components to your body, you may consider purchasing a sauna with lower EMF readings. Most of these units come with a small portable chair to sit with your head and hands out of the sauna. We lose significant heat from the top of our head so your body is able to cool itself using the air temperature around it limiting the promotion of sweat production, the whole point of using a sauna.

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