Far-infrared sauna

Far-infrared sauna

infrared sauna

Far-infrared sauna room is a new generation of dry sauna equipment, which uses far-infrared as heating, emission source and wooden sauna room as carrier.

1. The volume of far-infrared sauna room is smaller than that of traditional sauna room. It is simple to install and does not occupy a position.

2. Far-infrared sauna room uses far-infrared uniform heating, compared with high-temperature steam partial heating, the advantages are obvious.

3. The far-infrared room feels comfortable, while the traditional sauna room feels hot and stuffy.

4. Traditional sauna rooms tend to be suitable for young and middle-aged people with better health, while far-infrared sauna rooms are suitable for many groups of people.

5. The far-infrared sauna room has a long service life, simple maintenance and no waste water discharge, while the traditional sauna room is often unsatisfactory in anti-corrosion and moisture-proof maintenance.

6. Far-infrared sauna room configuration can be freely selected, digital audio, reading lights, etc., while the traditional type, there are certain restrictions.

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