FCD One-Stop Wholesale Furniture Sourcing Solutions

One-Stop Wholesale Furniture Sourcing Solutions

Provide solutions for building and interior projects. Whether in the furniture wholesale market or direct furniture factory, you can find the best solution for your project procurement and product selection.

Two Wholesale Furniture Sourcing Options, Too Easy Choose
According to the needs of customers, we provide two efficient, safe, and money-saving solutions, so you can rest assured to choose.

  1. Buy and wholesale furniture from furniture markets
    North OF china furniture markets, especially famous for global standard and quality furniture that fascinates thousands of foreign buyers every year. In addition to furniture, you can also buy in the wholesale markets: Lighting, Sanitary ware, materials, etc.

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  1. Wholesale furniture & Direct furniture in a factory
    There are thousands of furniture factories here, and North of China is the capital of Chinese furniture production. You will find any furniture in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, etc. As long as you submit a detailed purchase list, we will find the right factory for you. Direct factory procurement, without going through the wholesale furniture markets, saving time, saving money, and efficiency.

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