Features and inspection testing of High Quality Drawer Slides

Features of High Quality Drawer Slides


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Drawer slides are available in several mounting styles. The specific project will determine the type of slide and the load capacity. You will want to carefully choose the correct drawer slide for your application, and always be sure to read the technical specifications that are available under the documentation tab. Specialty drawer slides are available for pantry units, keyboards, and pocket doors. DrawerSlides.com only offers the top manufacturers of drawer slides, including Blum, Accuride, Knape & Vogt, Fulterer and Sugatsune, therefore when you shop with us quality is a given. We also offer hundreds of drawer slides in every price range. Whatever your budget, we can be your one stop shopping. Let’s look at specific features to look for that signify high quality drawer slides.

Push to Open

Drawer Slides that don’t require a handle or knob to open. A simple push with your hand or hip, opens the drawer.

Shock Absorption

Slamming causes damage to the internal mechanism of the drawer slides. Purchase slides that offer Shock Absorption. This will also limit the amount of noise when the drawer is slammed.

Soft Close

A dampening effect that is added to self-closing slides that return the drawer without slamming. Soft close device should be able to be removed for replacing. The Blum Tandem

Tool Free Adjustments for Under Mount

Under mount slides should be able to be assembled and adjusted without tools.

Depth Adjustment for Under Mount

A depth adjustment screw on the locking devices allows the drawer to be moved forward if the slide is installed too far in the cabinet without having to reinstall the slide.

Metal Thickness

Higher quality slides use thicker steel and a larger diameter axle pin on the wheels. Inexpensive slides have too much flex because of the thin metal and use a small diameter axle pin. This can cause the wheel axles to bend over a short period which will require replacement of the drawer slides.

Higher quality drawer slides come with a higher price tag. When it comes to drawer slides, the saying, you get what you pay for, usually applies. Blum is the top of the line under mount drawer slides and are only available in under mount. For residential drawer slides, they are the best option. If you are looking for commercial or heavy duty side mount, your best option is Accuride.

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