Finlandia Builds Better Benches

There’s no comparison! Our benches have the greatest strength and durability and are made from the finest materials.

Finlandia’s standard benches are preconstructed for strength and durability out of 2” x 2” tops with 3/8” spacing and 2” x 4” facing. Others use 1” x 3” or 1” x 4” bench tops and some do not even pre-build their benches, but provide a pile of boards with a “How to build” plan.

Finlandia’s 2” x 2” Bench TopsCompetitor’s 1” x 4” Bench Tops
Fastening Ability:1-3/8” penetration for greatest strength and durability.Minimal – only 5/8” penetration
Tendency to Cup:NoneModerate – elevates with flat grain.
Water Retention:
Virtually none – narrow tops will not retain perspiration.High – due to width of boards and tendency to cup.
Vertical Grain:AlwaysOccasionally
Air circulation:Excellent – narrower boards allow greater air circulation and less water retention.Less due to the width of the boards.
Advantages:Greater durability, better holding strength, neater look, and no slivers. Fastened from the bottom leaving no exposed metal to burn bather.All advantages are to the manufacturer. Cheaper to make, lower cost of materials, takes less time to manufacturer.
Disadvantages:None for the purchaser. Better materials, higher costs for manufacturer.Questionable durability, will not support heavy weight, tends to sag with use, high tendency for flat grain boards to cup and splinter. Less air circulation.
Maximum Load Strength902# sq. in. (S45 Western Red Cedar tested by Louisiana Pacific Lab)605# sq. in. (S45 Western Red Cedar tested by Louisiana Pacific Lab)

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