Five factors influencing your importing kitchen cabinet price

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When exploring possible supplying sources in China, a new (even seasoned) kitchen cabinet importer is often puzzled with seemingly discrepant prices from different Chinese cabinet factory. So it’s crucial to know every factor that may influence your cabinet price and therefore make sensible decision. Herein, Paul Cabinet Sourcing will help our viewer reveal factors that decide the actual price of your cabinet line.

Factor#1 – Cabinet Door
1.1 Door stile and rail : From 2″~3″, a wider door stile and rail cost more. Because as it become wider, it’s harder to get qualified raw wood material. That’s why cabinet factory will always need to know your door stile and rail width when you inquire with them. Also, for a builder grade or elementary grade line, the door stile and rail are often thin one, 2″ or 2 1/4″.
1.2 Door center panel : MDF or plywood door panel cost less than solid wood door panel; flat panel cost less than raised panel; raised solid wood panel with glaze line will cost further more.
1.3 Door style : Miter door usually cost more than cope & stick door. More complicated door style means more cost. For example, a miter door style with raised panel and glaze and decorative molding on it definitely cost more than a simple shaker door.

Factor#2 – Cabinet carcass panel
Particle board panel is the most cost efficient option. While plywood panel is the most popular material in North America market. You can build your cabinet with 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood. 1/2″ is the most usual choice. For a frameless cabinet, the side panel need to be at least 5/8″ thickness. Wood veneer on plywood panel is commonly either poplar or birch veneer. Birch veneer plywood cost more than poplar veneer one.

Factor#3 – Drawer box material and construction of your cabinet
While 5/8″ Solid wood dovetail drawer box seems most cabinet distributor and importer are appealing, you can choose to use a plywood drawer box if you’re planning a less expensive line, and you can choose to build the drawer box with simple screw joint without a dovetail feature. Some one looking for a plywood dovetail drawer box, but it’s a difficult problem to some cabinet factories, as it require better plywood as well as higher processing technic. So it’s not always easy to find a factory to make dovetail on plywood.

Factor#4 – Kitchen cabinet hardware : Drawer glides and hinges
Price of Full extension Soft close under mount drawer glides is $4.5 / pair higher than full extension side mount ball bearing drawer glide, and $6 / pair higher than simple epoxy glides. Price of soft close hinge is $0.7 / PC higher than common six way adjustable conceal hinge.

Factor#5 – Finish of kitchen cabinet
Some cabinet factory may tell you cabinet of white paint cost more than a cabinet of stain color. That’s untrue. They are either not good at white paint finish, or trying to overprice their product. It is true, though White paint itself cost more than a stain color as a paint color require one or two more times of finishing work, but will save on wood material, since factory can use lower grade wood for white paint cabinet than stain color one. Cost of PU finish and AC finish are almost same, or PU finish a little more. The interior carcass natural color cost less than a matching color, since cabinet factory need not to mix the color to match.

There are many other factors that will influence your cabinet price : cabinet construction, wood species, your quality standard … So a price is always a result of combined action of various factors. Be sure to inspect every aspect that may play a part, then you will be able to get a better idea on your price strategy during cabinet purchasing. Feel free to contact Paul Cabinet Sourcing if you have any question about the price you received from a Chinese cabinet manufacturer.

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