Four Principles for Choosing and Purchasing Cabinet Counters

How to make the kitchen cabinet inspection and its grading rules and checklists will be provided soonest ,here just some simple QC checklist for inspection of the kitchen cabinets countertops .

At present, there are many kinds of cabinet countertops in the market. It seems simple to select high-quality cabinet countertops. In fact, there are many places that need consumers’attention. Following are four principles of cabinet counter selection brought by Xiaobian, so that you can choose high quality cabinet products.

Cabinet table

I. Look at the acrylic and resin content of the product

The wear resistance and strength-toughness coefficient of artificial stone countertops are determined by acrylic content. The acrylic content of artificial stone is generally the most stable between 40% and 45%. It is called pure acrylic in the industry, and its comprehensive performance is the best. In addition, special attention should be paid to the resin content. In order to reduce production costs, countertops manufacturers often reduce acrylic content by increasing resin content. In this case, countertops are very abrasive, and easy to cause aging and yellowing of countertops.

  1. The Thickness of the Stand Surface

The thickness and strength of acrylic countertops are directly related, and the thickness also relates to the cost. If 10 mm thick wool board is used, only 8 mm thick will be left after processing and grinding, which will lead to cracking and deformation of some artificial stones. When choosing and purchasing, it is necessary to know the thickness of artificial stone. The national standard of slab thickness should reach 12.7 mm, and the finished product should be 12 mm thick, while the low-cost mesa is usually only 8-10 mm thick.

  1. Look at Brand, Price and After-sales

When choosing countertops, if the economic situation permits, it is better to choose well-known brands of products, so that the quality of countertops will be more guaranteed. The products produced by small brands or small workshops are prone to quality problems. Generally, the price of medium artificial stone is about 1000 yuan per meter. It is better not to choose products that are too cheap.

In view of the possibility of fracture of acrylic artificial stone slab, if problems arise, it is necessary to restore the table products as before through timely maintenance and renovation. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, it also depends on whether the merchants provide thoughtful after-sales service.

IV. Small Methods for Quality Inspection of Products

The front, cross-section and back of high-quality table panel are the same, and there are no stomata, uniform color and no plastic gum feeling on the surface. The top quality table panels feel delicate and smooth, silk, no astringency, no obvious bump and unevenness, while the lower quality table panels will appear slightly rough. When scratching a small sample with a hard object that you carry with you, the surface with good quality should be shallow but not obvious, while the surface with poor quality can clearly see scratches. If you burn a small sample with a lighter, the surface with good quality will also have a little smell, but not obvious, while the surface with poor quality will have a very pungent smell and even can be ignited.

No matter how we choose the cabinet counter, we need to pay attention to one thing: good quality is the kingdom!

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