Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are these cabinets CARB2 compliant?
A: Yes, Our products are constructed from solid hardwoods and furniture grade plywood. Our plywood is CARB2 compliant for restricted formaldehyde emissions. There is no particleboard in our cabinetry boxes.
Q: Are the cabinets in stock?
A: Yes. If an item is out of stock, it is usually stated in the product description. Most stock is replenished within 2-6 weeks.
If you are interested in a particular cabinet that is out of stock, contact customer service for availability.
If you place an order but a few items are out of stock, we will urge you to change your layout. If you cannot change your layout, we will be happy to ship what is in stock right away and send the out of stock items as soon as they are available.
Q: Can I get these Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Unfinished?
A: No, our RTA cabinets are only available finished. For fully assembled, unfinished kitchen cabinets visit our Pennsylvania factory at
Q: I don’t see the size I need. Can these Ready-To-Assemble cabinets be customized?
A: These cabinets are pre-packaged and ready to ship. Only some of them can be customized, to a certain extent. However, we can provide fully assembled cabinets from another manufacturer that can be made to any size. Call Customer service for more information.
Q: Do I need to purchase finished pieces for the sides of the cabinets?
A: The Glazed Mocha Cream line is the only one that requires finished panels, purchased separately, to be attached to the exposed sides of the cabinet. All other lines are finished the same color inside and out. Many of the lines have decorative end panels available but they are not necessary. They dress the cabinets up!
Q: How do I secure an island cabinet?
A: You pre-drill and countersink holes about an inch off the floor, along the back and sides of the cabinet and screw it to the floor. You then install a molding to cover the screws. You can also drill through the floor of the cabinet and use long lag screws to secure the cabinet if you would rather not use molding around the base of the island. Remember that overhanging counters can cause leverage on the cabinet, so secure the island well and make sure the countertop is also well secured with screws and liquid nails where the countertop contacts the cabinet.
Q: What assembly method will I get?
A: Assembly Methods:
The assembly method varies per cabinet style. Please look for this info on the cabinet line description page on the specific style you are interested in.
Q: What kind of shelves will I get?
A: The wall cabinets have adjustable shelves and the base cabinets have a stationary half shelf.
Q: When I order a glass door for an RTA cabinet, do I still get the original door?
A: Only in some cases. Many RTA cabinets are pre-packaged with the original, matching door. Rather than unpack the original door, we simply send you the glass door as a separate item as it was ordered. However, some styles have the option to order a cabinet with the glass door included. If it’s ordered as one item only the glass door is included.
Q. Are the sides of the cabinets flush?
A. There is a recess on the side panel, called a scribe (an extension of the end stile past the side panel) that allows for proper alignment adjustments in the case of walls that are not perfectly square and plumb. Finished end panels can be added to exposed sides if desired but all our cabinets have finished sides except the Glazed Mocha Cream and the Onyx Accent Cabinets.
Q. How much is my shipping cost?
A. Once you have your items in the shopping carts, select the Calculate Shipping link below your items in the Shopping Cart on the right hand side of the page. You will need to enter your destination State and Zip code.
Q. Can you look at my design from someone else and tell me what to order?
A. We don’t offer design services, but we do have a helpful link for those needing to create a kitchen plan. We are happy to provide a quote based on another companies design. In some cases we may make adjustments to accommodate styles availability. Call or email us.
Q. When will my order ship?
A. Most orders ship within 3-5 business days, but it may take up to 7 days due to sales volume, which can get quite high during sales.
Q. Can I pick up my order at your factory?
A. No. Our products are warehoused in several locations across the country. Insurance and logistics prevent us from allowing local pickup.
Q. Are the cabinets finished on the inside?
A. Yes.
Q. How will I know when my order is shipped?
A. We will send you an email with the tracking number and the name of the carrier. You will need to contact them to make a delivery appointment.
Q. Are the backs of the cabinets finished?
A. No. If you are using cabinets in an area where the back will show, like and island or a peninsula, you will need to purchase panels to cover the backs.
Q: Why do some of the boxes my cabinets came in have a different name than the name on my invoice or online?
A: Frequently, manufactures change the cabinet line names for marketing purposes. However, their codes usually remain the same. You can check the code on the box against your invoice.
Q: What is your door thickness?
A: All our RTA kitchen cabinets have sturdy 3/4″ thick doors.
Q: What are your cabinet depths?
A: Base cabinets are 24″ deep. Wall cabinets are 12″ deep unless otherwise noted.
Q: Are these cabinets strong enough to support a granite counter top?
A: Yes! And anything else you need them to support.
Q: Are the cabinets pre-drilled for handles or knobs?
A: No holes are drilled. Handles and knobs are not included.

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