Full-Spectrum, Low EMF Saunas,Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas


Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Full-spectrum infrared saunas are the all-in-one package for near, mid, and far-infrared therapy. Exposure to all three provides a more effective and efficient infrared light therapy, providing the unique benefits of all three at the same time.

  • Far-Infrared (FIR) – penetrates deep beneath the skin, triggering fat-based sweating for most effective detoxification.
  • Mid-Infrared (MIR) – penetrates deeper than near-infrared and generates more heat than far-infrared, best for improving blood circulation and helping to heal injured/inflamed tissue.
  • Near-infrared (NIR) – makes up most of the sun’s infrared spectrum and magnifies its energy on our skin, playing a critical in ATP production and cellular health.

Full-Spectrum, Low EMF Saunas

A full-spectrum infrared sauna provides all the benefits infrared therapy has to offer, and a low EMF sauna eliminates any risk when used as intended. GHS’ saunas provide both for the best possible infrared sauna experience.

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