Furniture Factory Audit Services   provides Factory Audit Services in China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Factory audits are used to determine the production capacity, machinery capability, process management and the quality control in the factory. Factory audits ensures whether the supplier can supply goods as per potential purchase order. Adding on to the production of goods, Factory audit also ensures whether the supplier abides by the social rights or not.

Why perform a factory audit?

A factory audits will enable you to select the perfect supplier for your needs. It will allow you select a supplier that made commitment to management and social compliance.

  • Avoid the viol  on of humans right including child labor, forced labor, health standards and etc
  • Confirms that the business is working on the ethical terms
  • Ensures that the supplier meet the defined quality standards
  • Confirms the capability of the supplier in production as per the P.O
  • The machinery required meets the specific  on and has the capacity as per the need

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