Furniture Hardwares

Furniture hardware

Furniture hardware refers to hardware components of hardware furniture or metal parts with functions of slides, hinges, sofa feet, lifts, backrest, springs, nails, foot codes, connections, activities, fastening, basket pulling and decoration, also known as furniture accessories.

Hardware handle is the most widely used in furniture hardware. As the name implies, furniture hardware handles refer to furniture hardware handles in household appliances. Furniture hardware handles can be embedded in high-end cabinet accessories of recent popular elements. They are made with brand-new technology and are produced according to the standard of artworks. They are made by electroplating popular antique and fashionable colors. The representative colors can be ancient bronze, white, silver spraying powder, silver flashing, black baking and gold plating. Chromium plating, wire drawing, Pearl nickel, pearl silver and other home colors.

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