Furniture Inspection, Quality Control, Audit in China & Asia

Furniture is a common feature in our homes and offices and is a reflection of our personal style and economic circumstances. Furniture manufacturing in China and Asia poses significant challenges for retailers and e-tailers who must remain innovative while continuing to ensure consumer safety and satisfy demanding time-to-market obligations. Proactive management of furniture quality control is crucial to meeting these challenges and optimizing supply chain performance.

offers furniture inspection services at every stage of the supply chain: from sourcing new suppliers, through to in-process furniture quality control and final shipment. Our expertise includes product categories such as indoor, outdoor, or contractual furniture made of wood, plastic, metal.

verifies the qualityspecificationsfunctionssafety, and compliance of your furniture with relevant standards. We check compliance based on US, EU, and dozens of other specific standards including ISO, EN 581 for outdoor furniture; EN1728& EN22520 for domestic furniture; EN-1335 & BIFMA for office furniture, EN 71 for Children furniture.


technical engineers, work hand in hand with your team to understand key risks. This ensures the product-specific Furniture inspection checklist is fully customized to your needs.

inspectors verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL), perform product function and safety tests, and assess compliance with your product’s specifications and authorized samples. We also check the suitability of packaging to protect your furniture, marking, instruction manuals, accessories, and barcodes.

provides value-added services to improve the efficiency of your quality control in China & Asia. We use our expertise in furniture inspection and leading edge quality management software to support you and your suppliers. We set up, monitor, and optimize your quality control program to achieve your quality objectives and lead-times.


Some tests on furniture require a controlled environment to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements. AQF inspectors select production samples and forward them to an accredited laboratory for testing.

Furniture performance and safety are critical to guarantee consumer satisfaction. Our furniture lab testing services include a wide range of performance and mechanical tests which can take from 5 to 10 days depending on the product. We can test indoor and outdoor products, such as chairs, tables, storage units, beds and sofas.In collaboration with furniture lab testing experts, we’ve put systems in place to expedite the furniture testing process. We propose several furniture testing packages which focus on the basic and essential requirements from different regions of the world. Our lab testing recommendations are available online, based on your product specifications, and include a transparent price so that you can book instantly and minimize time-to-market. 

Examples of furniture testing in a laboratory

BS EN 581NF D 60-300-2EN 71 for Children furniture etcEN-1335 & BIFMA for office furnitureEN1728& EN22520 for domestic furniture

Main tests performed during an inspection of furniture

Performance checkSize measurementMaterial & color checkAdhesive test on logoHole, tubular components, and fixed gaps checkStatic loading testStability checkMoisture contentRub test on fabricFatigue testWobbly base testSmell testAccessories checkPackingExport carton drop testShear & press point checkCap removal strength Assembly check

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