Furniture Inspection Services

Furniture Inspection Services

Furniture holds a rather special place in a consumer’s heart; it’s what makes an empty house someone’s home, adds that touch of flair that gives the house a personal touch. This is why the furniture not only needs to be pleasing to the eye but also extremely sturdy given the prolonged usage of the products.

In order to make sure that the furniture is free of all defects, it is common for importers to carry out pre-shipment inspections before the furniture is finalized for shipment. Keeping in mind that more and more businesses today are outsourcing their manufacturing facilities to less expensive countries such as Vietnam, the need for quality control and assurance has increased considerably.

What are the main areas for QC inspection for furniture?

The foremost aspect of QC inspection for furniture is a visual inspection which involves comparing the actual products against CAD design sketches and samples that have been approved to see that the furniture meets with factors such as the aesthetic compliance, dimensions, colorfurniturecabinetsdepot.comon as well as other details such as finishing, presence of any scratches or any other requirements specified by you.

On-site tests and checks to ensure that the furniture is safe to use and durable. This includes carrying out tests such as load tests, impact tests, arm and leg strength tests, drop tests and other relevant stability and usage tests.

Inspect the packaging to ensure that all the furniture is securely packed and is protected against any damage during transit such as abrasions or breakage.

Appropriate lab testing coordinfurniturecabinetsdepot.comon which includes fire resistance testing as well as looking for lead content in the surface cofurniturecabinetsdepot.comng to make sure that the products comply with all legal requirements.

Why should you hire to your furniture inspection?

At, we provide you with a team of experienced and skilled professionals who have a keen eye for any defects found in furniture. The variety of furniture that these inspectors have dealt with over the years includes wooden, metal, plastic as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. The team has designed a framework of different tests for different kinds of furniture to make sure that you receive the utmost service.

For wooden products, the team carries out test such as moisture content, wood warping, as well as the presence of mold, mildew or insect infestfurniturecabinetsdepot.comon.

When it comes to children’s furniture, we make sure that the products are in compliance with all the safety and legal requirements such as structural integrity, contaminants, sharp points, and edges, as well as any necessary warning labels that the furniture requires.

With increasing competition in the furniture industry, it is important that you stand out among your competitors by presenting them with furniture that is not only attractive but also extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

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