General process of importing kitchen cabinet

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To people who are new to import business, importing kitchen cabinets may seems complicated. But actually it is pretty simple process, especially when Paul Cabinet Sourcing are here to help. You place an order to our kitchen cabinet factory, and the cabinet factory ship the container to you. What after that? Generally, following things will happen after the container leave China: 

a – After vessel depart China, the carrier release Bill of Lading to the shipper – cabinet factory.
b – Cabinet factory will provide a copy of B/L to you, Your company pay balance of this shipment to factory and They release the original B/L to you. Be sure to pay balance to factory before the container arrive your port, so as to avoid any delay on custom clearance or additional cost generated. You don’t have to handle B/L yourself, but ask appointed agent or forwarder to do it. And usually we don’t have to mail the paper work B/L to you, but through Email to complete the process of release which we call it “telex-release”.
c –  Voyage From China to US takes 15~30 days.
d –  When the container is arriving, your agent will notify you and ask necessary shipping documents from you for customer clearance. Normally most important is B/L, invoice, and packing list. The invoice and packing list will be provided by factory, and Paul Cabinet Sourcing can help coordinating this.
e –  When custom clearance finished, your agent can arrange truck to pick up your container from port and send to assigned address. 
f  –  Checking your received cabinets. Any defects or missed items determined, our cabinet factory will provide free replacement or credit in next shipment.
g  –  Paul Cabinet Sourcing is here to assure you a problem- free and seamless kitchen cabinet purchasing experience.

Paul Cabinet Sourcing can help finding a good Chinese forwarder to ship your containers as well as your custom clearance and all other jobs. You can also choose to find a forwarder yourself. You can use same company do custom clearance and inland transportation, or use different company to do these things for you.  

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