Good Sauna Construction Practices

Good Sauna Construction Practices

1. Sauna Door Swing 
It is highly recommended to keep a range of safety features in mind and make provisions and amendments accordingly. We ensure the sauna door installed is swinging outward for a quick escape during the emergency.

2. Air Circulation and Venting 
It is a basic level of science that we, as humans, inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We just cannot survive without oxygen, fresh air for that matter. So, it is important that a sauna has a proper ventilation and air circulation system. There should be gaps at the bottom (because after cooling the air becomes heavier and move downwards) that let the moisture escape and allow the fresh air to come in. Otherwise, chances are there that a person might end up suffocating in the room.

3. Sizing 
The most optimal size for sauna would be the one that fits your room the best and heats it effectively i.e., with minimum power consumption and within a reasonable time. It is important that the size of the sauna is taken care of from the very beginning because once its construction is complete, it’s impossible to alter it without incurring a huge cost.

4. Finishing
The finishing of an item in construction is as important as the beginning of it. It is important to use optimum quality materials to ensure that the sauna works properly for a long time. Thus, if your sauna is made up of wood, it is highly recommended to use anti-termites and disinfectants to ensure that the quality of the wood remains intact. We use materials that make cleaning of the sauna easy and thereby prevent any staining that might occur.

5. Flooring
The flooring in sauna shall be designed for proper drainage to remove excess moisture. The flooring material should be water-resistant. As it will always come in regular contact with water, it should be of the fine quality that doesn’t spoil.

6. Insulation 
Thermal insulation of the sauna is important to ensure efficiency. Proper moisture insulation is also important to prevent spreading out of moisture. Breathable vapour barrier shall be used to prevent mold growth.

Get a Safe Sauna Installed Today

As is evident, it is necessary to keep the factors mentioned above in mind while constructing and installing a sauna. As a reliable sauna supplier, we have the responsibility to construct high grade, optimum quality sauna product and to achieve that, we take care of every minute detail to ensure your safety.

Call us today to get a safe sauna installed at your place.

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