Hebei Wen’an promotes 3D curved wood furniture to sell well overseas

January 7, 2022 source: chinanews.com

“These chairs are being profiled and are 3D curved wooden dining chairs customized by Danish customers.” On December 4, 2021, in the modern home manufacturing industrial park in Wen’an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, Xue Shuping, chairman of a furniture Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province, introduced the process flow of 3D curved wood furniture to reporters.

“It needs to go through multiple processes such as panel gluing, blank assembly, multilayer board, pressing, mold washing, sanding and painting. It takes 15 to 45 days to complete the processing.” Xue Shuping said that the wood utilization rate of curved wood furniture is twice as high as that of solid wood furniture. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high toughness and strength. In particular, 3D curved wood can replace plastic for extensibility, comfort and fit, and can better meet the functional needs of the human body.

Hebei Wen’an promotes 3D curved wood furniture to sell well overseas

The picture shows a furniture factory workshop in the industrial park. Workers are making 3D curved wood furniture.

At present, most of the 3D curved wood furniture produced by the company are exported to European and American countries, mainly in order production, with an annual sales volume of 30 million yuan.

On the same day, the reporter saw the “Daisy chair” which won the if Design Gold Award in Germany. This chair was designed by Xue Shuping and Danish designer Hans. With beautiful shape and world-leading 3D bending wood technology, it won the “if design award” known as the Oscar in the design industry in 2017. “This is also the first if Design Gold Award in China’s furniture manufacturing industry.” Xue Shuping said.

With the gathering effect of enterprises such as Youqu furniture, Wen’an County has become an industrial agglomeration demonstration area for small and medium-sized enterprises, gathering 428 manufacturing enterprises of all kinds of plate furniture.

Hebei Wen’an promotes 3D curved wood furniture to sell well overseas

The picture shows the head of a company in the Industrial Park showing the chair that won the if Design Gold Award in Germany.

Relying on the regional advantages and the foundation of wood processing industry, and focusing on the advantages of wood-based panel industry, Wen’an County vigorously develops environment-friendly and healthy wood furniture, high-quality panel furniture and personalized customized furniture. At the same time, it encourages furniture manufacturers to increase innovation and R & D investment, and use large-scale customized services and other business models to support the development of crowdsourcing design, cloud design, collaborative design, etc.

“Furniture is not imitation, but creation.” For the future prospects of the furniture manufacturing industry, Xue Shuping said that the improvement of product quality and design innovation are the focus of the furniture manufacturing industry. Only by constantly innovating and upgrading in modeling, technology, materials and functions, and turning these into strengths, can we improve the industry competitiveness of Chinese furniture manufacturing companies.

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