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Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide: How to choose bedroom furniture?

The bedroom, and not the kitchen or the living room, is the main room in the house or apartment. Here we sleep and talk about the most intimate with a loved one, husband or wife. Bedroom furniture should provide rest for your body and soul. How not to make a mistake in choosing furniture in this very important room?

Types of bedrooms sets

Non customizable bedroom sets – consists of furniture made in one design and designed for rooms of different sizes. The minimal equipment: a bed (most often double), a wardrobe, a curbstone. Items entering the bedroom set can not be purchased separately.

Customizable bedroom sets – consists of modules (individual furniture pieces) that can be used in different variants: as separate elements or in combination with each other. This allows the owner rethink the bedroom and, if desired, change it. Available furniture included in the set usually features: double bed, wardrobe, bedside table (main set). Additionally may include a mirror, chest of drawers, toilet and coffee table. A characteristic feature of the set is the ability to purchase any furniture piece separately.


The bed is the central element of the bedroom set, consisting of a frame, a mattress and a spring box or wooden slats base for the mattress.

The bed frame is responsible for the strength and design of the bed. It is also important for providing an elevated level of comfort. It is recommended to choose beds with wooden or metal frames with an orthopedic base made of wood slats. Mattresses are divided into spring and springless with their own pros and cons.

The choice of the type and size of the product is can be made coming from the number of users and the size of the bedroom.


Chest – can be both standalone or built in walls in the first case it can be rearranged, in the second one this will be impossible.

There are different types of such furniture:

  • Horizontal (Dresser)
  • Vertical
  • Set of Horizontal with Mirror (Dresser and mirror)


  • Wood is eco-friendly, looks nice and durable, but expensive material. Wooden furniture sets have a massive look and will be appropriate in spacious bedrooms. Such furniture needs special care. Products made from oak, beech, walnut will be expensive, but will last for a long time. Budget decisions from pine are not so durable.

Importantsome wood species, for example pine, excrete substances that have a beneficial effect on the body and stimulate a better sleep.

  • Chipboard and MDF – imitation of wood, but are much cheaper. In appearance and furniture lifespan is much lower than natural wood. At the same time, a set of bedroom furniture made of particleboard has a lower price and is more toxic than the MDF analogue.

In the bedroom it is undesirable to purchase a set of chipboard, since in this room a person spends up to a third of the day, and often it is not always possible to air a room (for example, in winter). This is especially important if someone from the family suffers from asthma or allergies.

The bedroom sets from the chipboard and MDF have a special coating, which increases the resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. There are veneered and more expensive options. In the latter case, the furniture from the chipboard will not differ.

Importantwhen purchasing a set made of chipboard for a bedroom, you should pay attention to the ecological class of the product, indicated by manufacturer. The headset of the E1 class is relatively safe, and the safest option is furniture marked E0.

Bedroom furniture sizes

Before choosing a bedroom set, you should measure the parameters of the bedroom and draw a plan, where the location of the furniture will be indicated.

The size of the room depends on the equipment of the furniture set. Best fit for small-sized bedrooms will be queen or double size beds with built-in additional storage (drawers, shelves, boxes). You can abstain from buying a big chest and stick to a set dresser+mirror. The bigger the size of the bedroom, obviously, more furniture you can place in the room. The most complete bedroom set includes Bed, two nightstands, dresser+mirror, and a set of two chests.

Importantto visually expand a small bedroom, you should decorate it with mirrors – hang on the wall and / or purchase a wardrobe with mirror facades. Also, the mirrors will make a better lit bedroom.

If the size of the room allows, you can complement your bedroom interior with a chest of drawers and a dresser- a very convenient and reliable piece of furniture.

US bed sizes

The most common bed sizes:

  • Twin: 35 in × 75 in
  • Double: 53 in × 75 in
  • Queen: 60 in × 80 in
  • Eastern King: 76 in × 80 in
  • California King: 72 in × 84 in
  • Texas King: 80 in × 98 in

Twin beds are suitable for teenagers or guests, double beds provide a comfortable rest for one person. Two people can fit in this bed, and Queen bed will be an optimal solution for accommodating two people. The optimal height of the chest is up to 70 in. Higher chests of drawers will look too massive, and closing them with time will become inconvenient due to deformation of closing mechanisms.


  • Classic – exquisite furniture set, made in various “historical” styles (rococo, baroque, classic). For furniture characteristic curvilinear outlines and an abundance of decor – stucco, fine carving, gilding, inlay. Preference is given to natural materials, especially valuable wood species, which affects the cost of the bedroom set. Color – restrained pastel colors

Sometimes, such bedroom sets – a beautiful canopy made of fabric above the bed. Classic bedrooms, as a rule, are big and bulky, made of expensive materials and featured with hand carved accents. Therefore, they will look better in medium and spacious bedrooms.

  • Modern – a practical option that creates a functional space (high-tech, minimalism). Furniture is devoid of decor, has straight lines and often – symmetrical forms (high-tech). The use of glass, plastic, metal makes such bedrooms cheaper. Color – white, black, dark brown. The items included in the package are multifunctional, for example, some beds can produce vibrating massage or allow lifting the base by pressing a button on the remote control. Often modern bedroom set is equipped with built-in lighting. The modern style furniture is characterized by its greater compactness due to the materials used, design solutions and the number of pieces of furniture. For example, a set made in a minimalist style consists of a bed with nightstands and small bedside tables.

ImportantModern style of the bed itself is largely determined by the design of the headboard or backrests – select all other furniture accordingly.


When choosing the color of bedroom furniture, the color scheme of the decoration of the room, lighting and the size of the room will be taken into account. For a small bedroom it is desirable to choose furniture of light tones visually expanding the space of the room. For a more spacious bedroom, you can pick up kits and dark colors, which, on the contrary, visually narrow the room. The furniture for the bedroom of light colors gives the interior freshness and lightness, but any defect, scratch and dent will be evident. Such a set needs regular care. Bedroom furniture of darker tones will hide defects and stains, but the dust on it is visible better than on a bright headset. In addition, the kit in dark colors gives the bedroom an original look. When choosing a dark-colored set, pay attention to the illumination of the bedroom: if the light is not enough, this will give the room a dull and even gloomy look. Such furniture is unlikely to contribute to proper relaxation and rest. But pastel colors, on the contrary, soothe the nervous system and help to fall asleep. Yellow shades make the interior more joyful and light, and green tones help to relax. Dark tones are often found in furniture made in the style of hi-tech and minimalism. Light colors are widely used both in classical and in modern bedroom furniture style.

Bedroom furniture accents and decor

Bedroom furnture without decor – simple forms, restraint colors, unpretentious design. Special accents will make bedroom furniture more attractive. The materials from which these inserts are made can be different: a wood decorated with fine hand carvings, MDF, leather (eco leather), stone, etc.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment can be both decorative and functional. If the backlight is at the bottom, it creates the illusion of levitating bed, if at the head – provides a comfortable evening reading. In addition, the backlight can be located in a cabinet or mirror. The color of this backlight is dynamic or static.

Importantif there is no built-in backlight, you should install a floor lamp or sconce near the bed. It is better if the light in the bedroom is not bright and scattered – in this case it will promote relaxation. The ideal solution is to place several light sources illuminating individual elements of the interior.

Storage areas are drawers or shelves built-in the bed that are used for storing bed linen, blankets, pajamas and other things. An excellent solution for storing clothes will be a roomy and compact chest of drawers. Sometimes the set is completed with a rack. On shelves or in small nightstands you can store books, watches, mobile phones, souvenirs and other small things.

Useful Tips on choosing Bedroom furniture

  • Bedroom set, if such requires assembly must have detailed instructions for it. It is better to entrust the assembly of furniture to professionals. Make sure in the reliability of the fastenings and the quality of the fittings.
  • Furniture should be solid, doors and drawers – easy to open. It is necessary to give preference to the metal fittings. It is necessary to make sure that there are no defects in the headset (scratches, chips, deformations).
  • To ensure long life of the chest, hardware of the drawers wardrobe must be made of steel or hard alloy. The aluminum sliding system is cheaper, but less durable and can make noise when the door moves, while the steel sliding system is free of these drawbacks, but will cost more.
  • Accessories such as closers and shock absorbers make the use of the drawers more comfortable. It will be appropriate and the presence of a stopper that fixes the door in the right position.
  • Pay attention to the legs of the furniture that is included in the bedroom set: ideally they should be adjustable, as in apartments often there are uneven floors. It is better to purchase high-quality products of well-known brands(ESF, VIG, J&M, McFerran) than cheaper ones option, questionable in terms of quality and safety.

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