How to choose cabinet door panels, cabinet door material buying guide

How to choose cabinet door board, what cabinet door material has

We all know that decoration is a very strict problem, in which each kind of material and every quick brick need to be strictly screened, so as to avoid potential safety hazard in later life and add blockage to yourself. So we need to know more about the details of the decoration. So how to choose the cabinet door panel, what are the cabinet door materials? This article will make an introduction for you next, let us have a reference for the selection of cabinet door materials.

How to choose cabinet door panel

The cabinet door board material, mainly includes: density board, particle board, solid wood board, ecological board. In our daily choice, there are blister board, paint board, UV decorative panel, solid wood board, among which the blister board is made of density board, especially the concave convex shape on the cabinet door, most of which are this board. Paint board is also based on density board, baking paint. The cabinet doors made of particle board are all flat doors, belonging to the paint free board (also the cheapest). Solid wood board is solid wood spray paint, better.

Cabinet door panel material

What are the cabinet door materials

  1. Paint door panel

Paint door panel is the most widely used cabinet door material, it is based on density board as the base material, standard after many times of spray paint high temperature baking. Paint baking door panel can be divided into piano baking paint, steel baking paint and other types. Paint door panel has a strong decorative effect, its surface finish is good, with fire, moisture, easy to clean and other advantages, but the paint door is afraid of collision, the price is also relatively expensive.

  1. Fire door panel

Fireproof door board is a kind of common cabinet door material. It is a kind of decorative board with fireproof board on its surface and density board or moisture-proof board as base material. The color of fire door panel is gorgeous, which has the advantages of color fastness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, easy cleaning and affordable price. But the three-dimensional effect of fire door panel is poor.

  1. Solid wood door panel

Solid wood door panels are mainly made of natural logs or solid wood Glulam through a series of processes. Solid wood door panel surface has a natural texture pattern, it has a variety of styles, decoration effect is good, with strong and durable, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and other advantages. But the price of solid wood door panel is more expensive and the flame retardant performance is poor.

  1. Melamine veneer

Melamine veneer is one of the main cabinet door materials used in Europe. Its surface is smooth, bright color, with a variety of patterns, decorative effect is good. It also has the advantages of wear resistance, good heat resistance and easy cleaning. However, it is easy to break the edge.

How to choose cabinet materials

  1. Blister door panel

Blister door is also known as the pressure template, it after a series of processing procedures, can seal the door around as a whole, effectively solve the problems of plate edge sealing, such as opening glue, damp and so on. It has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and deformation resistance.

  1. Crystal door panel

Crystal door panel is a kind of decorative plate made of fireproof board and acrylic. Its appearance is smooth, beautiful and three-dimensional. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and easy cleaning. However, the wear resistance of crystal door panel is poor, and there are problems such as large noise, and the surface layer will fall off after using for a long time.

To sum up, different cabinet door materials, its use of advantages and scope is not the same, we can refer to the time according to their own needs to choose.

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