How to Choose Wardrobe

How to Choose Wardrobe

For friends who are decorating their homes, how should they choose wardrobes? It can be compared from the following aspects:

1. Make fewer laminates and more hangers. Because the area of wardrobe is calculated by three-dimensional area, the calculation method of laminates is the total area of five areas. If we make more laminates, the price will be very expensive. It is reported that today more consumers choose to do more hanging poles, one is practical, and the other is more cost-effective.

2. Quality. Smell, no matter how new the good material is, it has no pungent taste; feel the edge is smooth, delicate, strong adhesion; see if the hardware fittings have their own brand anti-counterfeiting logo.

3. Non-standard combinations are more expensive than standard combinations. Because the standard portfolio has been streamlined, if it is specially customized, the price is relatively expensive.

4. Whether the varieties and materials of cabinet doors are rich and varied. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color preferences. The main materials available in the market for making sliding doors are wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. There are beech, cherry, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, white pine and so on. Powerful manufacturers, such as Sofia, Fulu, France, can provide nearly 20 kinds of wood patterns. Individual manufacturers have also introduced “one board and two colors” of new sheets, similar to the fashion mobile phone “color shell change at will” function.

5. Whether the thickness of the door panel of cabinet door is full and thick, and whether the height is enough. Push and pull doors with wood, the best choice is 10 mm or 12 mm thick board, use strong, stable, durable; slightly worse will choose 8 mm thick, appear thin, light. The height of door panel decides whether it can be decorated to the ceiling, requiring the height of a single board to be more than 2.8 meters, as high as the ceiling.

6. Whether the design of cabinet door and frame is uniform or not. Brand wardrobe door frame, door panel from the same manufacturer, color lines can achieve complete consistency, supporting unity. However, miscellaneous wardrobes are often patched together to find similar boards and frames, which can not be completely consistent.

7. Whether the wheel is smooth, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable. The pulleys of brand wardrobes are usually made of carbon glass fibers (new high-tech materials), with balls and non-drying lubricating esters, so they can push and pull easily, smoothly and flexibly, and bear great gravity, pressure resistance, wear resistance and deformation, such as the new standard, Sofia and other brands. The pulley guide is the core technical part of the sliding door, which must be carefully selected.

8. Whether the cabinet is professional and the design is scientific and fashionable. The popular fashionable wardrobe cabinet body is scientifically and reasonably designed. Often in accordance with the principle of “turning the whole into zero”, several different sub-cabinets are developed, which can be combined freely when customized. Moreover, drawers and movable panels can also be increased or decreased freely, height can be adjusted at will, self-style can be displayed and unique personality can be displayed, which is deeply loved by the DIY (Do It Yourself) family.

9. Whether the wardrobe fittings are complete or not, and whether they can provide convenient and comfortable matching functions. Many wardrobe manufacturers have introduced practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, trousers racks, fashion drawers, pull baskets, L racks, TV racks, CD racks, wooden hangers and so on. In this regard, Sofia is the first manufacturer to introduce many suitable accessories in Chinese wardrobe market, which provides great convenience for consumers’daily life.

10. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. Nowadays, wood-based panels (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood) used for furniture are inevitably containing formaldehyde in finished furniture because of the use of formaldehyde adhesives in the production process. If the formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material is too high, it will cause adverse effects on the health of users. According to the national standard, E1 is less than 1.5 mg/L and E2 is less than 5.0 mg/L.

11. Whether to own a professional factory or not. In order to ensure production, brand wardrobes mostly have professional factories, modern machinery and equipment, assembly line production, site installation. It completely avoids the inconvenience brought to consumers by the on-site production of decoration companies. Moreover, the product size data is accurate, the structure is rigorous, giving a sense of overall beauty.

12. How about after-sales service? Wardrobe, as an important part of furniture, is closely related to people’s daily life. Therefore, the good reputation of manufacturers, quality after-sales service is very important. When customizing, we must first find out how long the warranty period is. The general requirement is no less than five years (at least three years or more). In addition, when encountering problems in use, can we provide timely and fast maintenance services? After the wardrobe is installed, the manufacturer will generally issue a warranty card. The warranty period of the manufacturer is 3-5 years.

13. It is better to choose brand wardrobe products with high consumer satisfaction and market awareness.

Wardrobe enterprises have made considerable progress, wardrobe brand is also maturing, such as some foreign brands Danish style, Komando and so on. However, domestic brands are also good, such as national certification authorities have wardrobe industry standard drafting units, excellent brands in China’s household industry, ten ring signs, etc. Their product quality and after-sales service can be better recognized by the market consumption. Brand wardrobes such as New Bid and Sofia are more acceptable to consumers.

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