How to create your own kitchen cabinet line?

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Base cabinet constructionIn a market of highly competitive, it is crucial to every cabinet company that make your cabinet line unique. Distinguish what you sell from others. Selling cabinets that every others are selling don’t make money. And more Chinese cabinet manufacturers support OEM, which means you can come up with your design and specs and get it realized by the Chinese cabinet factory. But how to create your cabinet line that reflect your unique features? That require a rethink on every part of the kitchen cabinet.

1 Face frame : This part is commonly standard : 3/4″ thick and 1 1/2″ wide, kiln-dried hardwood assembled under pressure with glue and dowel. So you only need to decide whether it will be face framed or frameless on this part.
2 Cabinet door: This is the most import part you need to consider.
Cabinet door joint type: 

Cope & Stick cabinet doorCope & Stick : Any joint in this type the projection on one end of a timber is insert into a groove or slot in another timberMitered cabinet doorMitered : This is where the corners of rail and stile connect. Both the rail and stile have a 45 degree cut.

Cabinet door style : Shaker door, raised panel, or flat panel

Cabinet door panel : Solid wood or veneered
Cabinet door overlay : Full overlay or standard overlay 
3 Drawer : Is drawer front Slab or five-piece structure? Is the drawer box solid wood or plywood? Dovetailed construction? 
4 End panel : Most regular is 1/2″ plywood cabinet box on a face framed cabinet. You can choose to use 5/8″ plywood too.  For a frameless cabinet you can choose to use either 5/8″ or better 3/4″ plywood.
5 Drawer glides : You have various options for your drawer glides:

soft close under mount drawer glide

Full extension under mount drawer glide

side mount epoxy drawer glide

Side mount epoxy drawer glide

side mount ball bearing drawer glide

Full extension side mount ball bearing drawer glide

6 Cabinet box assembly way : Use a KD fitting or not? Cam-lock or metal-clip? 
Metal clip & Cam-lock: The common merit of the two jointer is either of them provide a easy way to assemble the RTA cabinets fast with mere simple tools, so both suit for DIY customers and professional customers. A drawback of metal clip is it may make your cabinet line seems cheap sometimes, so someone see this kind of low end and prefer cam-lock. Cam-lock may seems nicer, yet its own drawback is the assembly of this construction is a little more complex than metal clip, as metal clip only need a screwdriver and cam-lock need to be install into slot of panels with a hammer, then use screwdriver to fasten. Paul Cabinet Sourcing‘s suggest is metal clip as it is a stronger accessory.

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Dado & Glue without KD fitting : There are groove on all panels, people would glue, and staple to assemble. Its merit is it looks much better as there is no any redundancy inside box, give people a clean and tidy look like the custom built one. Yet it need professional tools & material like staple gun and assemble glue. So it won’t suit for DIY customers.

So far, if you are seriously interested in creating your own unique cabinet line, list all of your cabinet specification or features in a excel spreadsheet would be very helpful. Download our free template of cabinet specs from right side. Or welcome to contact Paul Cabinet Sourcing to discuss your new cabinet line or consult with us on an cabinet line issue.

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