How to distinguish good and bad cabinets

How to distinguish good and bad cabinets

What should we pay attention to and check the specific details of the cabinet?

Cabinet purchasing skills:

  1. Identify the true and false fire boards. Now the most common fire-proof board table in the market, for example, fire-proof board with its low price, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, high temperature resistant, radiation resistant, pollution resistant, impact resistant, easy to clean and other features, deeply loved by consumers. Because of the low cost and the poor ink quality control, the poor fire-proof board is easy to fade and color difference. Moreover, the fiber arrangement uniformity of the color paper and kraft paper is poor, resulting in poor flatness of the final product. What’s more, the poor arrangement uniformity of this kind of fiber will make its internal stress unbalanced, which will lead to cracking, and eventually lead to product deformation, blistering and other phenomena. It’s very simple to identify fake and inferior fire-proof board. As long as you are a person who is interested in ordering, ask the supplier for a sample of fire-proof board that you have selected. During the delivery and acceptance, compare the sample you have saved with it, check whether its color and surface treatment are the same, true or false.
  2. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of hardware. Hardware is an important part of cabinet. According to the nature of the use of cabinets, plus the weight of the door cabinet itself, many domestic hinges are difficult to meet the quality requirements necessary for cabinets. The poor slide rail can not be opened and pulled freely when used. Because of the uneven stress surface in the slide rail, the drawer shakes unsteadily. At present, most well-known brand cabinets use imported hinges. The poor hinge is usually welded by thin iron sheet, which causes the door plate to fall off due to the poor bearing. The poor hinge spring has poor elasticity and no rebound force. If it is used for a long time, it will lose elasticity, making the cabinet door not closed tightly. The good hinge is made of one-time stamping. The surface is smooth and the coating thickness is not easy to rust. It is stable and strong. Its steel is thick, flexible, corrosion-resistant, high base, long arm, and it can be positioned at will without displacement. The cabinet drawer with strong load-bearing capacity is connected by slide rail, which is more free to push and pull.
  3. Choose professional design. Because of the different size and shape of the kitchen, personal requirements for performance and style are also different, the professional design of the kitchen is particularly important. From the initial door-to-door measurement to the final determination of the plan, we should not only consider the harmony and unity of the overall style, but also pay attention to the rationality of the layout. There are many cases where the cabinet cannot be installed due to the unreasonable design. The professional designer is requested to plan the layout of the kitchen according to his / her actual situation, determine whether the location of water, circuit and electrical appliances is reasonable; whether the height of the cupboard and counter top meets the actual needs of ergonomics and cookers; whether the functional partition of the kitchen can ensure the normal operation requirements.
  4. Service needs strength guarantee. When purchasing cabinets, consumers often “know but don’t know why” for the after-sales commitment and service guarantee made by businesses, because many accessories of cabinets can only be seen their quality after use, and many quality hidden dangers also arise. Only when you buy it, you can use it.
  5. Look at the material. The common cupboard is composed of hanging cabinet, ground cabinet, countertop and various functional hardware accessories. There are mainly natural granite, artificial stone and stainless steel which are commonly used. The material is the main factor that affects the quality of cupboard, the quality result that different material forms finally is different, the price is also different. The main cabinet materials are particleboard, wood board and density board.

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