How to distinguish good kitchen cabinet manufacturer from bad one

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It’s often a hard task to select a reliable Chinese cabinet factory among hundreds of them in China, to someone new to Chinese cabinet factory, or sometimes even to a veteran. We hope this article can bring you some inspiration on Chinese cabinet factory selection.

1, Price. Be cautious when a Chinese cabinet factory quote a far lower price than others. This maybe a signal that indicate this cabinet factory is thirsty for orders. Well, who don’t? There’s difference. A good cabinet factory may already have steady customer and repeat orders and may show certain caution when getting new inquiry and quote a price conformed to “market level”. A thirsty factory could be a new one – means they lack of experience; or could be a factory who can’t maintain their customer – that reveal they have their problems. Quality, management or other problem. You get what you pay, old saying always telling the truth. If you are looking for price only, that would be a different matter. In Paul Cabinet Sourcing, our principle is to gain “Best Value” for customers, i.e.: reasonable price plus reliable quality.

2, Cabinet factory organization. Pay attention to the organization when you visit a cabinet factory in China. A good factory is always well organized. Tidy and clean production environment, well arranged material and semi-finished cabinetry products, professional-looking workers often reveal a good cabinet factory. When you see ragged packing boxes lie on ground unordered with footprint on them, then you can skip this factory.

3, Cabinet factory’s Promise is not always reliable. When a Chinese cabinet manufacturer sounds like very confident on their quality or capacity, Stay calm. ” no problem” often proved to be the biggest problem. An experienced kitchen cabinet producer deal with your specification and requirements very carefully and will check every details with you, and won’t promise anything too easily. A bad cabinetry factory may skip some necessary steps and finally produce a big trouble for you.

There will be many other factors involved before you make final decision. Generally stay calm, realize your target and work out your standard will be helpful. Yes, it’s a difficult job to select good kitchen cabinet factory, so many factor involved and should be considered. Moreover, things keep developing and changing. “Seeing is believing”, pay a visiting to the Chinese kitchen cabinet factory is a good idea. You can see their operation personally. But it’s insufficient. Welcome to contact Paul Cabinet Sourcingto discuss any of your idea about selecting a good cabinet factory.

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