How to identify the quality of cabinets

How to identify the quality of cabinets?

Excellent cabinets are many times better than inferior cabinets in terms of appearance, use feeling and long life. So when we decorate cabinets, we must choose good quality products, so as laymen, how to identify the quality of cabinets?

  1. Look at the details

Can see the details of the cabinet, some poor quality cabinets in the workmanship can be rough, so in the choice can see whether the cabinet’s edge and door panels are closely integrated, whether there are seams, whether the edges are smooth, shiny and so on. These are easy to identify in detail.

  1. Looking at Appearance Design

When identifying the cabinet, you can see the appearance design of the cabinet brand. The real brand cabinet gives people a feeling of luxury, fashion and elegance. It is very fine in workmanship. Generally, the better cabinet has a smoother appearance line and will not feel rough.

  1. Installation quality

Look at the installation quality of the cabinet, the gap between the cabinet body and the ground is very close after the installation of the good cabinet, while the door panel is installed horizontally and vertically, the door panel is closed closely, and the gap between the doors is small and uniform. In addition, it also depends on whether the drawers, hinges and functional components are stable and smooth.

  1. Look at the Making Material

Good overall cabinet in the workmanship and material are better, and the material used is the latest, in the workmanship is also more exquisite, the use is made of solid wood.

  1. Look at the overall layout

Look at the overall layout of the cabinet, in the design to meet the various practical functions of the cabinet, such as: cleaning, storage, cooking and so on. The layout and size of the space between the appliances should be arranged reasonably, so that it is more convenient to use.

As long as the above five points are qualified, then the completed cabinet has no major problems. Baili Aijia started with cabinets, striving to satisfy the highest user experience. It keeps up with the new plate. At present, the use of Aige board has reached the foreign environmental protection grade of F4 star. For hardware, it is also the choice of the best quality Bailong and Heidi’s poems with very high cost performance. From design, production to installation, we are the quality of craftsmen in every link. We hope that every customer who chooses us will not regret it!

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