How to judge the quality of solid wood furniture — exquisite workmanship

How to judge the quality of solid wood furniture — exquisite workmanship

Many domestic businesses say they make high-quality solid wood furniture, but this is not necessarily the case. The fact is that at this stage, the domestic furniture industry is not as good as foreign countries (mainly referring to Europe, America and Japan

On the whole, China lags behind in terms of design, production and comprehensive quality of furniture.

Many domestic businesses say they make high-quality solid wood furniture, but this is not necessarily the case. The fact is that at this stage, the domestic furniture industry is not as good as that abroad (mainly

It refers to Europe, America and Japan). On the whole, China lags behind in terms of design, production and comprehensive quality of furniture. The mainstream solid wood furniture on our network is like this


The case comes from the Internet. The most prominent advantage of furniture like this is its low price (you can buy a solid wood bed for more than 1000 to 2000), while in design, material selection, workmanship and environmental protection

The warranty and quality are very general, even very poor. What I want to say is high-quality solid wood furniture, which should have excellent design, exquisite workmanship, exquisite materials

Safe and environmentally friendly furniture, which is what Qiu Shan has been pursuing when making furniture.

This article introduces the exquisite workmanship. Exquisite craftsmanship refers to the skilled craftsmanship of making furniture. For furniture manufacturers, excellent carpentry is needed

(skill), appropriate woodworking machinery and high manufacturing standards (attitude). How to judge whether a piece of furniture is exquisite? We can start from connection (mortise and tenon / metal) and surface treatment

And the details of three aspects of observation.

1、 Connection (mortise and tenon / metal)

Connection is an indispensable part of solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture has different types of connection methods, such as splicing, mortise and mortise, and metal. What we are most familiar with and like is each

Mortise and tenon connection. Take the following one table as an example. The table top is connected by panels (S-shaped splicing to increase the glue receiving area), and the back (bottom) of the table is connected by threading (threading mortise,

Control the deformation of the table top). The connection mode between the four legs passing through the arc bracket and the table top is double tenon (two tenons are placed in two mortises to increase the rubber receiving area and resist lateral force and torsion


The double tenon of the table leg is inserted into the table through the circular arc support to increase the glue receiving area, and the anti lateral force and anti torsion connection is the foundation of solid wood furniture. For solid wood furniture connected with mortise and tenon

Generally speaking, the form, quantity, size, position, manufacturing accuracy and glue plastering of mortise and tenon are very important. The furniture made of mortise and tenon in place is of high quality and durability

Would be better, otherwise the opposite. However, many mortise joints cannot see the internal structure, such as the table leg double mortise in the above figure. If the manufacturer adopts a single mortise, it will be easier, but it will resist the lateral force

And torsion resistance will also be weakened. The following is the mortise and tenon made by our carpenter. Take photos before assembly, but you can’t see the interior after assembly.

According to experience, the three-point mortise and tenon manufacturing details can be used to assist judgment. ① Semi concealed dovetail tenon is the most widely used dovetail tenon. It is made by this connection method

The drawer is very firm. It is also one of the few common exposed tenons at this stage. At present, it is basically made by machinery, and the fineness is very high, which is much higher than in the past.

② Ming dovetail mortise can be said to be the dovetail mortise with the longest history and the best decorative effect. It is the strongest mechanical structure in woodworking connection, with super strength

Tensile resistance. At present, the furniture made of Ming dovetail tenon is relatively less than that of semi dark dovetail tenon, and some Ming dovetail tenons are still mainly made by hand. There are three main reasons why mortise and tenon cannot be made well

Points: first, to save trouble (including habit problems), second, poor workmanship, and third, low requirements. Making high-quality mortise and tenon requires skills, equipment and attitude.

③ Observe the details of mortise and tenon connection: many mortise and tenon joints after assembly are invisible. What we can see is the assembled connecting line. It should be neat and clean, one by one

Beautiful thread.

2、 Surface treatment

The purpose of surface treatment is to improve the stability of furniture, add decorative effects and maintain hygiene. The main work includes planing, scraping, grinding, caulking and removing

Mark, coating treatment and polishing. I can say that without proper surface treatment, furniture cannot achieve high-quality effects, and it is impossible to call it craftsmanship


How to judge the level of furniture surface treatment effect?

We can carefully observe the traces on the surface of furniture (burrs, glue stains, grinding and other traces) through three details; Touch the surface of the furniture carefully with your hands, feeling

Smoothness and hand feel; Look at the texture and gloss of furniture coating.

① Burrs, glue stains and various traces traces of water or other liquids (treated with wax oil).

② Smoothness and hand feel grinding may be the most annoying link. Its purpose is to make the wood surface smooth, all machining traces disappear, and the hand feels very smooth

Fine. At the same time, the thickness of the grinding trace will affect the uniformity of the coating (refers to dyeing), which has a certain impact on the visual effect. The final fine grinding of furniture surface is done by hand

Completion, less grinding is not smooth, and more grinding is meaningless. Grinding methods and standards are particularly important.

③ Texture and gloss furniture with high quality will show texture and have a certain gloss (high gloss, satin gloss and matte). For wood wax furniture, there are

Three points are very important: the first point is to polish the surface in place, the second point is the absorption degree of the coating on the furniture surface, and the third point is to polish the completed surface treatment layer

Light. The treated furniture surface looks warm and smooth. After polishing, it has a certain gloss and highlights the texture.

3、 Furniture detail inspection

The ultimate way to check whether the furniture is exquisite is to observe the treatment of furniture details. In addition to the mortise and tenon connection and surface treatment details detailed above, there are two points.

First, the details of places that are not easy to see: the back of the table, the back of the chair surface, the drawer bottom plate / side plate, the cabinet back plate / side plate and laminate, row frame, etc; Second, modeling and

Size details: whether the lines are straight and whether the radians are consistent. Furniture with exquisite workmanship and attention to detail should pursue the unity of appearance and interior.

Today, we mainly produce furniture with electric tools and mechanical equipment, but high-quality solid wood furniture is still inseparable from attitude and craftsmanship. Peter Cohen Foundation

He said: “I choose carpentry as my profession because the production process meets my spiritual needs. What I make is the result of the interaction between my spirit and the real object

I care about whether a chair is comfortable, firm and durable, whether it looks like people want to sit on it, and whether it is placed in the room

No match. These considerations will carry out the whole process of making this chair – drawing, selecting wood, maintaining tools, processing panels into boards of appropriate size, and making

As bonding parts, planing, scraping, sanding and painting. ” This passage perfectly explains the reason why we pursue the production of high-quality furniture and the production process.

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