How to Layout Children’s Housing Business in Customized Home Enterprises

From the perspective of the whole household industry, the proportion of children’s products has gradually increased.

Subdivided into customized furniture industry, most customized enterprises have already provided customized services for children’s houses. They launch a series of products for customers to choose according to the needs of different household space, style matching, family structure and so on.

In addition, from the large and small exhibition hall layout, as well as store layout design, most enterprises integrate furniture, household accessories, animation toys and other children’s rooms into a space carrier to sell, creating a family space sales model suitable for children’s play.

According to the company’s response, they suggest that dealers increase the display of children’s houses with store permission.

Product positioning is still subdivided

Children’s houses win the world

Children are the focus of every family. Children’s room not only carries the footprints of children’s growth, but also is the trust of every parent’s love for children.

Children’s furniture has gradually changed from simple “small” furniture to a more professional field. Besides sleeping, learning and playing, children’s furniture also needs to have storage function.

It can be seen that customized household enterprises are constantly digging into the market demand, making efforts in environmental protection materials selection, color matching, details processing, etc., to build a fairy tale world for children, but also to create safe, comfortable and healthy home space for children.

“Children’s room is the best place for the whole world. Children have different needs at each stage. Therefore, product design should reflect life cycle care. Children’s room can best reflect the design ability of enterprises.”

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