How to make chinese furniture quality control?

How to quality control?

Quality inspection is an essential aspect. Never underestimate the importance of quality control inspection. Therefore, we must carry out a thorough quality inspection before accepting the goods, and take full responsibility for the loss.

For this we offer 4 types of inspections:

  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Inbound Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

During Production Inspection (DPI) 

This quality control inspections are conducted during production when only 10-15% of the products are completed. During this inspection, we will identify deviations, and give feedback on corrective measures. In addition, we will re-check defects during the pre-shipment inspection to confirm they have been corrected.

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

The PSI refers to the inspection of the finished product after the goods are 100% complete, and at least 80% of the order is packed. This inspection is performed according to the product’s standard acceptable quality limit (AQL) specification or according to customer requirements. Generally, we check the following during pre-shipment inspections:

  • Quantity
  • Packing
  • Workmanship
  • Artworks
  • On-Site Tests
  • Client Special Requirement
  • Product Specification

Inbound Inspection

When the goods are completed, the manufacturer will ship them to our warehouse. At this time, we will carry out a sampling inspection to ensure that the goods are not damaged during the transportation from the manufacturer to the warehouse and carry out quantity clearing to ensure that all the products are consistent with the order. This is the final Big pass. Generally, we check the following items:

  • Quantity
  • Packaging
  • Label
  • Sampling

Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

Container loading inspection services ensure that we monitor the entire loading process. Your order will be checked for completeness and securely packed in a container before shipment. This inspection is the last chance to confirm that you meet the quantity, sorting, and packaging requirements. We will also check if you need special needs such as fumigation and desiccants, etc.

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