How to see the quality of a cabinet?

Which kind of cabinet is the best? It is estimated that 99% of people who want to install cabinets will ask this question.

Buying a big cabinet brand may not necessarily be good, but also depends on the various parts, each part determines the quality of the good or bad. Understanding each part of the situation will not be so easily fooled.

The cabinet consists of several major components: cabinet body, cabinet door, hardware, countertop and back panel.

Another small component: the water retaining edge on the table, the corner of the ground cabinet, the kickboard, the cabinet body and the edge of the cabinet door are all necessary. In addition, there are drawers, pulling baskets (three kinds of pulling baskets, pot baskets, bowl baskets and seasoning pulling baskets), hanging cabinets on the door, drawer damping.

  1. Talk about the cabinet door first

Keep in mind that all cabinet doors that can be modeled are made of either density boards or solid wood composite and solid wood. Solid wood is sure to be strong and good-looking, but the price is also good-looking, if not done well, it may also be deformed.

According to the surface treatment technology, cabinet doors can also be divided into many kinds:

The last is melamine, old-looking, old-fashioned, rental housing decoration is necessary.

The good thing is that it is plastic-absorbing. It can make many shapes and patterns. Generally, it is white, and the whole idyllic shape.

These two are plastic-absorbing.

Then there is the double decoration, double decoration can be seen as an upgrade of the old melamine board, process, quality and aesthetics are much better than before, there is a beautiful nickname Eco-board, but in fact it is melamine.

Double faceplate

Then there is baking paint, baking paint is divided into one-sided and two-sided baking paint, the advantage is more color, good-looking. The disadvantage is that it is not strong and difficult to maintain. It can be divided into one line and one white print. Double-sided paint is much more expensive than single-sided paint.

Then the UV lacquer, the advantage is that it has bright spots inside, like nail polish, stronger than baking varnish.

Then there is metal wire drawing, with stainless steel countertops, it seems very cold.

Then there is acrylic, which can be understood as a layer of high-grade plastic covering on the base material, has a certain mirror effect, the advantage is bright color, but the sense of cheap lingering, now fewer people.

Acrylic door panel

Then there is the crystal steel. The crystal steel is sprayed with a layer of toughened glass. Looking at the crystal, the wear resistance and texture are better than acrylic.

  1. Talk about the cabinet

There’s nothing to say about the cabinet, either board or solid wood, because they don’t know much about real wood, so don’t comment on it for the time being. At present, the board wardrobe still occupies the majority, and the wood particle board is the mainstream of the board wardrobe.

I’ve learned from the industry that as long as the cabinet meets the national standard and can be made of popular plates on the market, there is no need to worry too much about its quality.

  1. There are tables.

Artificial stone countertops. The advantage is that it looks good and cheap. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to look bad. It’s a bit like plastic. Easily yellowing, soy sauce sprinkled if not timely wiped easily soaked in, not strong, can not heat the pot, can not chop ribs.

There are also high-grade artificial stones, usually when their DIY cabinets will choose to buy with the windowsill stone. The advantage is that it is better looking, not easy to yellowing, stronger than artificial stones. The disadvantage is that you can’t put the pan and chop the spareribs.

artificial stone table-board

Quartz mesa. Now most households use this kind, which is made of quartz particles and broken glass. Qualified quartz content is at least 92%. The standard is 1.5 thickness. Normal families are enough, and there are 2.0 thickness. It is unnecessary to add hundreds of meters to upgrade to 2.0. Whose family chops spareribs every day, the thickness is still sinking, which is also a challenge to the strength of your cabinet.

Quartzite Mesa

Because quartz tables are difficult to machine, it’s more expensive to have shapes on the edges.

Quartz mesa has the advantages of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impermeability and durability. There are also shortcomings, because it is too hard, not easy to process, splicing can not be done without seams.

There’s a seam on the left side of the sink, but it’s not obvious.

Natural marble. Good-looking, delicate, expensive.

Stainless steel table-board. Oily Chinese kitchen is the first choice. You can heat the pan and chop spareribs casually. It won’t soak into soy sauce. The back kitchen of a restaurant is usually stainless steel countertop. But all stainless steel is too professional, it seems cold and seldom used in family. PS: There are children’s shoes that stainless steel is watermarked after wiping. That’s not the way to wipe. Wet cloth wipes stains and dry cloth wipes watermarking. It’s very easy to handle.

All stainless steel cabinet

  1. Hardware is the key

Hardware is particularly important. The cabinet door is held by hardware every day. The best hardware is Austrian Blum Blum. It is said that one drawer of Blum is worth at least 300. Most cabinets with more than 2,000 pieces are made of Blum hardware. This thing is now produced in many parts of the country, the surface looks shiny, difficult to distinguish between true and false.

One clumsy way is to check whether the cabinet manufacturer has the authorization of Blum manufacturer. But there are also “bulnm” to pretend to be “blum”. It is crazy to collect IQ tax.

Bulnm of counterfeit Blum

And then it’s the same name as blum. The most common is Heidi’s poetry. In Germany, the real Heidi’s poetry can be used in about 1500 cupboards.

Then there is the home-made Haifule, about 1200 cabinets also said that 1601 square meters of wardrobes are mostly domestic Haifule.

  1. Material of cushion board is the easiest to neglect.

Many children’s shoes only pay attention to the cabinet, but neglect the material of the pad under the counter. Adding cushion plate under the mesa is beneficial to evenly disperse the pressure of the mesa, enhance the anti-impact ability of the mesa, prolong the service life of the mesa, and play an auxiliary role in protecting the mesa.

Now many businessmen cut corners in order to make profits.

Last time: the counter is placed directly on the shelf of the cabinet without adding anything.

A little better: Take keel instead of cushion plate.

Better yet: There are cushion boards, but they are not the same material as the cabinet.

Best: The cushion plate and cabinet body are of the same material and thickness.

  1. The real quality of the cabinet depends on the details.

The edge of cabinet body and cabinet door, which seems simple, actually reflects the strength of the manufacturer most. Good edge sealing has no trace, no leakage.

The rough edge of the seal makes people feel uncomfortable at first sight, which has a lot to do with the level of the machine and operator. There are some details, such as the edges of various openings, whether they are made of aluminum foil or plastic.

Edge sealing technology in place, plate fish culture is no problem

If you are not very confident about the cabinet and care about environmental protection, buy your own roll of aluminum foil, it’s very cheap, about 10 pieces. On-site gas meters and sockets need to be perforated. Otherwise, it will become the source of formaldehyde.

There are also lining boards under the counter, what thick lining boards, whether the glass glue is environmentally friendly, and whether there are dust-proof crystal angles, anti-turnover partition brackets, etc. are all the details that test the cabinet.

  1. There are some small pieces that need a little attention.

Waterproof edge on the table: It’s better to have one than none, but because quartz stone is difficult to process, you don’t mention it specifically. The manufacturer will certainly not make it for you specially.

Water retaining edge

Ground Cabinet Corner: It doesn’t matter what material it is made of. It’s neither adjustable nor iradjustable. It doesn’t matter much. It’s OK to stand up, because it’s usually blocked and can’t be seen.

Kicking board: There are aluminium alloy and plastic, if you choose aluminium alloy, strong ah. Ordinary designers will tell you that plastic is good, aluminum alloy is responding. Designers are sometimes more unreliable, or they charge more.

Therefore, we can not simply say which kind of cabinet is better, but mainly choose the most reasonable cabinet according to our daily life needs and budget.

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