How to upgrade the furniture manufacturing industry? Part1

Unlike many other industries, such as home textiles and electrical appliances, the furniture industry has many types and great differences. The processing methods of solid wood, board, board wood, software, metal, glass and other products of different materials are very different. Due to the decentralization of the industry, in addition to a few leading enterprises in the field of customized household and mattress, the production mode of most enterprises is extensive and primitive.

For furniture manufacturing industry, this special rail is to use more efficient technology and equipment to promote seamless docking and lean management of production links.

  1. Extreme cost-effectiveness, from the optimization of production processes

On the one hand, enterprises should replace repetitive and low-tech jobs with more efficient machinery and equipment.

Taking the production of solid wood furniture as an example, according to statistics, there are more than 40 processes in the processing of a solid wood furniture, including material preparation, cutting, milling, drilling, painting and final packaging. With the use of automation equipment, some processes that originally required more than one person can be reduced to one person or even no manual work. The operations that originally required more than one machine are merged into one machine to produce efficiently and reduce costs.

On the other hand, the adjustment of production process and operation mode should achieve lean production, reduce waste and improve operation efficiency.

It can be said that the optimization of production process is not only the adoption of machinery and equipment, but also the professional analysis of operation process. It is these adjustments that may save a lot of costs for enterprises and occupy more advantages in competition.

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