Index judgment in furniture production: processing benchmark, precision, surface roughness!

Index judgment in furniture production: processing benchmark, precision, surface roughness!

In the process of furniture production, factories often need a series of indicators to ensure the product quality of furniture, evaluate the quality of products, and reduce problems in the production process.

These indicators include machining datum, machining accuracy, surface roughness and machining allowance. In this issue, we will talk about three indicators of furniture production: processing benchmark and processing

Accuracy and surface roughness.

Machining datum

When processing the workpiece on the machine tool, in order to make the process meet the corresponding technical requirements, the workpiece must be positioned and clamped before processing.

Positioning and clamping

Positioning: when cutting, the workpiece must be placed on the equipment or fixture first, so that there is a correct relative position between it and the tool

Location is called positioning.

Clamping: after the clamped workpiece is positioned, it cannot bear the cutting force during processing. In order to keep it in the correct position during processing, it is also required to

Fixed in the specified direction, this kind of fixation is called clamping.

At the same time, determining the machining benchmark before machining is an important preparation for machining, which has a great impact on the machining accuracy and production efficiency. The so-called processing benchmark is used for

The point, line and surface that determine the position of the tool and the machined part or the relative position between parts in the product.

Benchmarks can have a variety of functions, which can be divided into two categories according to different functions, namely, design benchmarks and process benchmarks, and process benchmarks can be classified according to different uses

It is divided into measurement datum, positioning datum and assembly datum.

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