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Attention: It is forbidden to install the control box in a closed switch cabinet or behind a wooden panelling! • The electrical installation may be done only by a quali” ed electrical technician. • You must comply with the regulations of your power supply company and applicable VDE regulations (DIN VDE 0100). • ! WARNING: Never attempt repairs or installations yourself, as this could result in serious injury or death. Only a quali” ed technician may remove the housing cover. • Please note the dimensions in the assembly instructions, especially when installing the temperature sensor. The temperature above the oven is critical for the temperature setting. The temperature can be held within operating parameters and a minimal temperature gradient inside the bench area of the sauna cabin can be achieved only if unit is assembled correctly. • The device may only be used as intended as a control unit for sauna ovens up to 9 kW (up to 36 kW when combined with a contactor box). • Completely disconnect the control unit from the electrical circuit, i.e. # ip all circuit breakers or the main circuit breaker during each installation or repair. • Please note the safety and installation information from the sauna oven manufacturer. • Always heed the speci” cations and instructions of the cabin manufacturer, too. • If control units with remote control options* are used, protection against activation when the heater is covered is required. (e.g. cover protection Type 1-5 or S-Guard). *Telecontrol = setting up, controlling or adjusting a unit by a command that can be given out of view of the unit by means of transfer media such as telecommunication, audio technology or bus systems. (this also includes weekly timers)

When designing the cabin ensure that the external exposed glass surfaces only reach a maximum temperature of 76°C. If necessary, protective features need to be # tted.

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