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Installation of the main electronic unit 1. Take the lower part of the front cover o! the relay box. For this undo 3 ” xation screws, then pull the cover slightly downwards and take it o! . See the ” g. 1 for details. The main electronic unit (relay box) may be installed only outside sauna cabin. The recommended places of installation are the outer sauna wall or a plant room (technical room). The installation on the sauna roof is also possible. If empty ducts for connection cable are already available, then they usually predetermine the installation position. The installation shall be carried out as follows: 1. 2. 210 180 3 ! Attention: It is forbidden to install the control box in a closed switch cabinet or behind a wooden panelling!

The relay box has three mounting holes on the rear side. Refer to ” g. 2 below for dimensions in order to mark the position on the wall (template). The central upper screw shall be used to hang the relay box onto it with the corresponding opening on its rear side. Two lower screws shall be used to secure the housing to the wall after it is hanged on the upper screw. 10 GB 180 mm 210 mm Lower mounting holes Fig. 3 3. Hang the housing on the central upper screw. Make sure that this screw stands out approx. 3 mm from the wall surface. If the connection cables shall be connected from the rear, knock out the corresponding openings in the housing and insert the supplied cable glands (rubber cable holders) into these openings. Pull the cables through them into the housing. Secure the housing with two mounting screws 4×25 mm through the corresponding holes as shown on ! g. 3 below. Fig. 4 Knock-out openinigs for connection cables for heater, vaporizer, fan, lamp. Knock-out openings for sensor cables

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