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Technical data Voltage (power supply): 400 V 3 N AC 50 Hz Switching capacity: max. 9 kW resistive load, may be extended with a power extension unit (LSG) Heating time limit: 6 h / 12 h / unlimited Housing: plastic, shatter-resistant Display: TFT colour display 55 x 74 mm (3,5“ size) Operation: 2 direct buttons for On/O! and light, jog-dial switch Temperature control range: 30° – 115°C (dry sauna mode) 30° – 70°C (humid sauna mode – only Emotec H) Humidity control: proportional to time or optionally as per rel. air humidity (%) with an optional humidity sensor. Sensor system: Digital sensor with oveheating protection fuse (STB) 142°C Control characteristic: Digital two-point control Connection for fan: min. 5 W, max.150 W (only fans without starting capacitor) Please make sure to use only the fans compatible with the phase lead edge control. Otherwise the fan or the sauna control unit may be damaged! Connection for light: min. 5 W (20 mA), resistive loads – max. 150 W, dimmable energy saving lamps – max. 35 W Lamps at conventional transformers – max. 60 VA. Attention: only dimmable lamps may be used! ! Fan and light output share a common 5 A fuse. Volt-free output: contact’s resistive load carrying capacity: maximum current: 16 A maximum voltage: 30 V DC / 250VAC Start time pre-selection: up to 24 h in advance Switching automation: Week timer with 4 switching programs per day Error display: Clear text error indication on the display Outputs: 3 x RJ10 jacks for sensor connections 2 x RJ14 jacks for control panel and extension modules 1 x potential free contact (2 terminals) Output S1: maximal load 50 W / 50 VA, no capacitive loads allowed. Terminal block area for power supply and steam generator connection: 0.5 – 2.5 mm² rigid or & exible crimped wire, two cores with the same cross section per terminal may be connected Terminal block area WM, 3, 4, light, fan: 0.34 – 2.5 mm² rigid or & exible crimped wire Please observe the minimal cross section as per fuse protection of the line! Card reader: Micro-SD card reader in control panel Ambient temperatures: -10°C to +35°C Storage temperatures: -20°C to +60°C Sensors: may not be installed in corrosive or highly salty environment. Control unit: may not be installed in corrosive environment or in an environment which may cause water condensation. Dimensions main block: H 270 x W 300 x D 100 mm Dimensions control panel: H 127 x W 130 x D 25 mm (& ush-mounting) recessed part 20 mm deep

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