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Sauna Shows Signs Of No Power

Solution: There could be one of a few problems causing this. First, check to see if the cord from the power supply is plugged into the wall outlet. Also check your main circuit breaker to confirm that it has not tripped. Check the power supply on the roof of the sauna to make sure there are no signs of malfunctioning, such as a high temperature, burning odor, or strange sounds. Also, check to make sure none of the power cords are damaged. If the power supply is malfunctioning or power cords are damaged, then unplug the sauna immediately and contact the manufacturer.

Solution: If your sauna is plugged in and you have no power at the control panel, then the power supply may need to be reset. Go to the roof of the sauna and locate the power supply. Press the RESET button to reset the power supply. The RESET button is on the same side of the power supply as all the heater cord connections. Attempt to turn the sauna on at the control panel. Contact the manufacturer for any additional troubleshooting.

Solution: There could be damage to the temperature sensor. If your sauna arrived with a spare temperature sensor, turn the control panel off and go to the roof of the sauna and locate the red and black wire near the air vent towards the rear of the sauna. After you have located the red and black wires labeled “TEMP SENSOR”, disconnect them. Connect the spare temperature sensor. For testing purposes, insert the “TEMP SENSOR” (you just connected) down the vent on the roof so that it is now inside the sauna. Then go to the control panel and press the power button. If the heat emitters now heat, then the temperature sensor was the cause of the problem. You may have to wait about five minutes to confirm if the heat emitters are generating heat. Remove the original temperature sensor from its hole and replace it with the spare one.

Solution: Check the wiring harnesses coming from the power supply located on the roof of the sauna. Make sure the wiring harness labeled “CTRL” is connected to the power supply at one end and connected to another wiring harness labeled “CTRL” at the other end. If this wiring harness is not properly connected, then the sauna will show signs of having no power.

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