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Problem Probable Cause Remedy Heater will not start Control wired incorrectly High temperature control has tripped Thermostat off or set below room temperature Timer off Turn timer clockwise No Power Call for assistance. Call service person. Sauna not hot enough Temperature not set high enough Set thermostat higher- normal range is 80-90. C. Thermostat sensor not positioned properly Relocate sensor. Should be @ ceiling 1′-2′ from heater, 1″ from ceiling. Thermostat miscalibrated Recalibrate or replace Replace element High Limit tripped Reset. (See above) High Limit defective Replace high limit Thermostat sensor not positioned properly (very common) Relocate sensor. Should be at ceiling 1′ -2′ from heater, 1″ max. from ceiling. (If bulb is further away it will report a lower temperature and the heater will stay on too long. You can also try to lower temperature setpoint on thermostat to “compensate” for the false reading. Thermostat broken or miscalibrated Recalibrate or replace High Limit defective Replace high limit Sauna too hot Sensor not properly positioned Thermostat broken or miscalibrated Recalibrate or replace Breaker trips frequently G.F.C.I. breaker was used Replace with standard breaker Breaker to small for heater installed Replace with properly rated breaker Short circuit or ground in wiring Call service person. Note: Except where noted otherwise, reference to control refers to TPT3 mechanical control Sauna on, but no real heat. Elements are not glowing red. Sauna has been wired at 120 volt. (Note:two 120 volt lines does not make 240 volt. SAUNA TROUBLE SHOOTING Using pencil or other non-condutive material, carefully push in “reset” button at front bottom of heater Turn thermostat clockwise. Saunas are generally set to between 80-90 C. (175-194. F) Faulty magnetic contactor (applies only to heaters 7.5 kw & larger) Check wiring diagram carefully to ensure control circuit is wired correctly Too many rocks or rocks packed too tightly, trapping heat inside. (very common) Leave one side of rock tray free of rocks. Rocks should be stacked so that air can pass through. (Public) Sauna being tampered with by users; i.e splashing water or placing wet towel on thermostat sensor bulb Close sauna to public use. Run heater for 2-3 three hours. If sauna does not trip, this suggests the problem is user tampering. One or more elements burned out Call qualified service person. Using meter, confirm there is 240 across line 1 and line 2. High Limit trips frequently Pilot light on. No Heat Turn on breaker. If on, it may be faulty or installed incorrectly. Call for service. Reposition sensor or lower thermostat setting to compensate. One or more elements not glowing red

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