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No Heat Coming From Some Of The Heat Emitters

Solution: Check to make sure all the heat emitter cords are properly connected, including the cord to the heat emitter underneath the bench (if applicable). Go to the roof, and also check that the heat emitter cords are properly connected to the cords on the roof and that those cords are properly plugged into the power supply.

Solution: If some of the heat emitters are working, then the ones which are not working may have been damaged. Do not continue to operate. Contact the manufacturer for replacement parts.

Solution: If the heat emitters are not working but the control panel displays the time and temperature, then the temperature sensor may not be plugged in properly or it may be damaged. Turn the control panel off and then go to the roof of the sauna and locate the red and black wires near the air vent 24 towards the rear of the sauna. After you have located the red and black wires labeled “TEMP SENSOR”, disconnect them. Connect the spare temperature sensor. For testing purposes, insert the

“TEMP SENSOR” (you just connected) down the vent on the roof so that it is now inside the sauna. Then go to the control panel and press the power button. If the heat emitters now have heat, then the “TEMP SENSOR” was the cause of the problem. You may have to wait about five minutes to confirm if the heat emitters are generating heat. Remove the original temperature sensor from its hole and replace it with the spare one.

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