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A sauna is supposed to be a relaxing and soothing experience, but some people report that theirs trips off erratically. If this sounds like the problem you’re having, maybe we can help – and you can get back to enjoying your sauna as it was meant to be!

Most of the time, a sauna will shut off if the circuit is overloaded and it’s drawing too much power. This will also happen if the breaker itself is damaged. Depending on the issue, the breaker may need replaced by either a new one, or the sauna will need to be rewired to match the amount of power required for it to operate properly. This is a common problem that is usually caused from either a bad breaker or an overloaded circuit. If you’re not sure which it could be, there are some quick tests you can do to figure this out. Read on to find what your sauna may need in the first place, or if you’re currently having an issue with your sauna that needs resolved.

Why does my sauna keep tripping the breaker?
The most common reason for any breaker tripping is a circuit overload, which just means that there are too many devices plugged in at once, which can draw more power than the breaker can handle. In this case, you may need to simply unplug other devices while the sauna is in use.

Sometimes it could be caused by a short circuit, which is due to faulty wiring either in the sauna or an electrical component in the building. But, more often, it would be because of excessive use of power or even failure of the breaker itself.

Is it dangerous if a circuit breaker keeps tripping?

The ability for a circuit breaker to trip is a safety feature. So, when the breaker itself trips, that in itself is not dangerous. 

However, the reason for a breaker to trip could potentially be dangerous. Most often, a breaker can trip when it detects excessive electricity. There are multiple reasons why this may happen.  

A breaker that trips due to excessive use of power could be caused by something relatively innocuous, such as plugging in too many devices at once. But, it could also be caused by surges in electricity that occur beyond with a single device would normally use.

In this case, it could be dangerous if the resulting power surge is due to a lack of insulation around the wires. Sometimes this happens if excessive heat causes them to melt. This type of electrical problem is very dangerous, because it could cause a fire.

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