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The traditional steam and dry heat saunas use convection heat .

Near-infrared is all around us today. We use it to control our TV or mouse remotely.   Near-infrared light is closest in wavelength to visible light and is the size of cells.   As Near-infrared light penetrates the skin and acts upon the water molecules of the cell for normalized cellular pH.   Near-infrared is the newest light feature for infrared saunas. At the manufacturing level, many of these red light bulbs on the market are not used for health benefits so much as they are used to provide convection heat in the sauna. Most sauna companies are not calibrating their thermostats to measure the temperature at your chin instead temperature is measured at the roof making it difficult to get the whole sauna cabinet the actual temperature reading displayed on the control panel. Near-Infrared Heat Emitters are typically Quartz with a reflector to concentrate the heat in a particular direction. Near-Infrared Bulbs are rated 250W and their bulbs must be replaced every two years when using the older technology. Be sure to ask your sales representative for the lifetime hours of their near-infrared heaters.

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