Is it necessary to edge the wood-based panels ?

Is it necessary to edge the wood-based panels ?

At present, with the rapid development of the real estate industry in recent years, a variety of products have been produced in the building materials industry. Today, I’d like to tell you about the important component of customized products, plate edge sealing. With the rapid rise of the customization industry, there are also brands and products. But in this huge family, if the same place is the same, everyone uses the same plate It is a synthetic board. Among all kinds of synthetic boards, the most important component is the edge sealing of the board.

Edge sealing of sheet metal

The quality of plate edge sealing can determine whether the quality of the plate brand and formaldehyde content will exceed the standard. Why do you say so? Because at present, most of the products in the market are made of synthetic plates, and some glue will be added to these plates in the process of processing and synthesizing. The quality of glue is good and bad, some brands are good and some brands are bad. The poor glue has high formaldehyde content and is easy to volatilize. Generally speaking, the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is 19-22 degrees at room temperature, if the edge is not very good Well, under long-term use, there may be edge peeling and falling, which will make the formaldehyde and glue in the interior contact with the air and lead to the volatilization of harmful gases. This is the reason why formaldehyde content in many families does not exceed the standard at the early stage of installation, but formaldehyde volatilizes under long-term use after occupancy. In order to avoid this problem, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of an edge banding.

First, ask

Ask the seller where the plate is produced, because in general, the better large-scale machines are in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing, and then the edge sealing machine. Now the best plate processing machine on the market is German.

Two, look at

Good edge banding is integrated molding, and there is no damage or edge burst on the direct contact surface with the plate.

Three. Touch

After a good treatment of the edge banding with hand touch will not feel the feeling of sharp stroke, because in the edge banding and chamfering process, are through a special round processing.

Four, buckle

A sealing strip that can’t experience this level of deduction is absolutely unqualified. Now many unscrupulous businesses use the way of pasting strips to seal the edges. In order to avoid such defective products falling into their own hands, it’s particularly important to deduct this level.

In the process of new house decoration, we all need to make furniture, choose carpentry with good craftsmanship to make wardrobe, or choose customization. But no matter which one we choose, it will involve wardrobe design, material selection, plate edge sealing and other issues. Is edge sealing important? If you have chosen the eco board with environmental protection standard of E0, is edge sealing meaningful? The answer is yes.

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