It only takes five steps to select and identify the quality of cabinets.

  1. Look at the propaganda materials

Regular company publicity material is a pioneering record in the form of binding. It has standard LOGO and registered trademark R. Generally, it includes the introduction of the whole company’s workshop, production equipment, production capacity, design capacity, sample display, introduction of material types and performance, service commitment, etc. The most important thing is to make the company’s cabinets open according to the price of each grade, so as to truly achieve “open quotation, understand consumption”.

  1. Looking at the Appearance and Texture

The door plate must be free from fluctuation, the door seam must be uniform, and the gap size should be uniform. The door opens freely. There is no noise in and out of drawers. No color difference, no seam.

  1. See if there is an explosive edge

Are there any explosive edges on the guard board? Open the cabinet door to see whether there are adjusting holes in the laminate. The adjusting holes in the laminate are generally uniform, and there is no explosion around the holes. Regular manufacturers have professional slotting machines, smooth and tidy on both sides of the slot, without explosion.

  1. Look at the side trimming section

Whether the color of the side trimming part is the same as that of the front, and whether there are any marks of oil rubbing in the sealing part, because the edge trimmed by the inferior sealing strip will close the fine holes if it is rubbed with oil.

  1. Look at the hanging code of the hanging cabinet

Generally, it is necessary to inquire whether the hanging code of the hanging cabinet is adjustable. The normal manufacturers adopt the hanging code installation method. After the cabinet is installed, the height and left or right can be adjusted appropriately. When the cabinet body is dismantled, the screw is buttoned and the cabinet body is quite clean.

Look carefully at the above five aspects of cabinet selection, do not choose inferior cabinet products because of greed for small and cheap, so it will only pay off!

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