Judgment between Chinese cabinet and American kitchen cabinets made in VIETNAMESE ,MALAYSIA,CHINA

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Judgment between Chinese cabinet and American Cabinet

The Chinese and American cabinets both are demanding, but from the last couple of years, the Chinese kitchen cabinets have broken out their previous record of selling.

China’s manufacturer is more determined to manufacture a world standard cabinet, and it can be used almost in every country.

Nevertheless, Chinese and American kitchen cabinets are mainly comparable with:

  • Wood
  • Construction
  • Finishing

Besides, from the American kitchen cabinet, the Chinese kitchen cabinet belongs more advantageous. They have additional functions and sturdiness. A kitchen cabinet can make in different ways, but it’s not essential as essential to know where the cabinet is made.

Chinese and American manufactures both follow different technologies for production. Yet both countries also use different materials.

1. Wood

Wood is the most needed raw material of the cabinet. China and American manufacturer have a subtle difference in the forest. They select wood depending on availability.

Indeed the Chinese cabinet is mostly made from plywood. The American kitchen cabinet is from particleboard. From the durability and weight, plywood is better than particleboard.

  • Plywood: Plywood is a board of multiple layers compressed. Necessarily, maximum Chinese RTA cabinets and semi-custom cabinets manufactured of plywood. Plywood is better than particle board because it has the most significant downside. Plus, some kinds peel off or get enfolded.
  • Particleboard: Particle boars come from wood shavings and sawdust or non-wood plant debris. The debris can be straw, sugarcane, wheat straw, etc. All the pressed with adhesive or glue.
Hard Wood

As particle board is less standard, most American RTA cabinets and semi-custom cabinets are produced of particleboard. Also, particleboard is inexpensive than plywood.

You should know when the china kitchen cabinet is made of particleboard. During shipping time, the suppliers send it with plywood boxing. The reason usually particleboard cannot endure high humidity, can’t go to an extended period. This kind of issue is significant because the shipping is mainly sent by sea.

On the other hand, importing particle board cabinets from China is very rare. China continuously prioritizes qualities. Though the particle cabinet will not be shipping by sea, a risk is the cabinets would be shabby within a few using years.

  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF): MDF or medium-density fiberboard comes from small fibers thermo pressed together. MDF is more usable for many Chinese RTA cabinets, even American cabinets. It is cheaper than typical solid wood and extra denser than plywood.

It contains overwhelming surfaces, superb screw holding power, and cleaner edges. If you love MDF to make sure you have gotten cabinets of MDF from Chinese warehouses and productions.

  • Solid wood: No other materials of cabinets is as best as solid wood. Though they are expensive but confirm for long-lasting, solid wood is powerful to give any shape. Even you can use them for terracotta design or custom furniture. Mainly the Asian people are using solid wood as they like supplementary designs on every piece of furniture.

In America, many carpenters or makers use solid wood while they will ask to craft on furniture. Those customers want to craft then they want to pay extra money both for solid timber and crafting.

Don’t think solid wooden furniture is only best for durability; it ensures elegant looking and is fundamentally beautiful. There is some specific wood that can make excellent kitchen cabinets like oak, cherry, birch hard maple, pine, ash, and hickory.

2. Construction

No doubt that the construction quality of most of the American cabinets is outstanding. But you’ll be surprised maximum American furniture sellers imports from China. In detail, the American manufacturer runs their production and assembling in China.

Finally, they import to their country after labeling from China. So, it’s clear the leading production house of American furniture brand standing on Chinese production. Besides, those who buy kitchen cabinets or other furniture from America; possibly, will ultimately get Chinese production. Moreover, Chines production means the same construction quality as the Chinese RTA cabinets.

Once again, the production procedures vary one by one. Yet pay attention to the following points when the time for inspecting the overall construction. Check the following during buying from China and the U.S.

  • An ideal cabinet box has the front back, side support to steady. You have to check these features.
  • All woodworking joints should be tight enough so that the bones are stronger enough. Even they keep stronger at the time of transporting.
  • A cabinet made with a few boards or wooded pieces; in this stage look, every piece screwed strongly altogether. If there is any glued area, check whether the gluing area is adequately tight.
  • The doors and drawers boxes both for the underside and insert panel are sufficient thicker.
  • Frames and beams should be consistently well-conditioned.
  • The face frames have to be detained together with pocket screws instead of humidity and tendon joints.

3. Finishing

Finishing is the most delicate task of furniture; it doesn’t matter the furniture could be a kitchen cabinet too. Well, coating and finishing create a mind-blowing appearance of the kitchen cabinet. Further, it also enriches the outlook of a kitchen.

From the customers/importer’s feedback, China is the best production house of kitchen cabinets for maintaining superior grade coating than American-made. The two-part polyurethane is available on the Chinese imported kitchen cabinets from China, whether the American cabinet doesn’t have.

Further, maximum U.S cabinets have lacquer or conversion varnish finish; both lacquer and conversion lacquer have coatings low-grade to 2K polyurethane.

Necessarily, there are numerous finishes in the market like laminates, membrane foils, acrylic and polymer, and many more. Acrylic and laminate are standard finishes; theta is different according to aesthetics, toughness, and value.

  • Acrylic finishes: It is usually non-toxic, reflective high gloss coating that makes a smoother look on cabinets. It works like a mirror. Your reflection would be visible by Acrylic finishes.
  • Laminate finishes: A laminate finish is an artificial varnish. It was completed from thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. The top layer is printed by using a decorative design and color.

Usually, Acrylic is superior to the upper part of the cabinets. You may perceive verities types of Chinese cabinets coated with unlike varnish or can order as expected.

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