Kitchen cabinet and bath vanity Cabinet Material

  1. Solid wood cabinet: Solid wood cabinet is more high-grade environmental protection, but also has its own shortcomings, good solid wood cabinet price is relatively higher.
  2. Plastic-absorbing cabinets: mostly used a seamless PVC film forming process, waterproof and moisture-proof, in the kitchen this moderately large space life is longer, but at the same time it can not withstand high temperature, more easily deformed.
  3. Paint-baking cabinet: The base material is density board, and the surface is baked at high temperature. The cabinet made by baking lacquer technology is very beautiful and gorgeous, but the technology level is high, otherwise it is easy to discolor. Careful care should be taken in use to avoid bumping and scratching.
  4. Stainless steel cabinet: The appearance looks very modern and easy to clean, but the manufacturing process of stainless steel cabinet system is more complex, the cost is higher and the processing is more difficult.
  5. Fire-proof board cabinet: It is the mainstream material of the whole cabinet. The base material is particleboard or density board, and the surface is decorated with fire-proof board. Fire-proof boards are currently used most, but the quality is not good enough, poor quality is prone to degumming, deformation.
  6. Plexiglass cabinet: It is a relatively high-end cabinet, which looks more comfortable, better cleaning and more durable, but the construction of crystal glass cabinet is difficult, once some problems are not perfect in the construction process, it is easy to have a lot of trouble behind.
  7. Melamine board cabinet: with friction resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat-proof acid, heat and alkali properties, waterproof slightly worse, but that is also very good, all aspects of the performance of melamine board are good.

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