Kitchen Cabinet Doors: 18mm birch plywood, or MDF?

I want to build my own kitchen cabinets. I plan to use 3/4″ birch plywood for the cabinet carcasses. The doors will just be 3/4″ panels with just a thin piece of molding mitered into a rectangle a few inches inset from the edge. I’m going to paint the cabinets so wood grain is not important. My question is about what material to use for the doors. I know the MDF does not have the tendency to warp, bow, or cup unless it is allowed to soak up water. Plywood is designed to no warp, but we all know that it can/does. 

I plan to use hidden “European” style hinges, and I know that they will screw in tight to the plywood carcass, but I’ve always been told that MDF can’t hold a screw worth a damn. I don’t want to build 20 MDF doors only to find that the screws wriggle loose and the doors sag or come off in your hand. But I also don’t want to use Plywood that can hold a screw well, but they all warp or distort over time. What do you guys all think? 

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